Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Typical telephone reference calls

"Hello, I graduated from college, can you tell me how many units I have?". My co-worker was stunned into silence for a few seconds.

"Yeah, I have a press release and I want to know if someone can tell me whether or not I should use one of the sentences."

"Is noseless a word?" I gave the answer. 2nd question..
" How do you spell Florence Night.engale's last name because it's not spelled like the bird.--This patron always calls with these crossword like questions.

"Why do I have to go into the library to read a reference book? Why can't you just look up what I need and read me the answers over the telephone.

There is always a telephone reference that annoys us.


Doret said...

When I get customers like this calling the bookstore, I do my best to blow off customers as quickly as I can. I do it nicely of course but you can only take so much

Nexgrl said...

Some of my co-workers tell them to hold and then hang up.

Doret said...

Last Dec. a customer called to check on a magazine coming out in Jan. I put him on hold and took the next two customers. Then I got back on the phone and told him it wasn't in yet. Its the freakin holidays, I don't have time to check on a magazine coming out in Jan. He was trippin.

B. Good said...

Ok, the last call is just PURE laziness at its finest. Its amazing what people think your job requirements are.

Opinionated Diva said...

OMG...these are the laziest people. Really ridiculous!

Nexgrl said...

They will get mad at us and try to tell us what our job is. Sometimes dial tone is the only choice.

Beyond lazy.