Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Just when I think I have them figured out

The crazies that is. I've got the 3rd floor regulars locked in my memory. I now have to recognize and remember the 5th floor regulars.

This afternoon, after spending 20 minutes search for information on a topic that a patron gave me, the other librarian at the desk informed me that she is one of the disturbed regulars. He said, " Oh, she always gives you these crazy subjects that don't match anything and wants you to find articles."

I was able to find something, but it didn't match everything that she had written. It was a blog post, but the author had cited his sources. It was 15 pages long and I wasn't printed all of it. I printed 5 pages of the post, and 2 pages of the citations.

The other librarians seemed to be surprised that her jumbled subjects were actually part of a story.

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