Thursday, December 15, 2011

Last Friday

I arrived 10 minutes late to open the branch. The Library Tech was still out sick. I had been downtown in meetings at the main library. Who do you ask, would keep me in meetings, knowing that I had to arrive at my branch in time to park my car and open the library on time, GUESS?? I hope you got it right. It was my DISTRICT MANAGER. That's not the worst of it. The library page who was supposed to be there at 1pm, was no where to be found. She arrived after me. Instead of going upstairs to the library, she stopped in the lobby and called anther DISTRICT MANAGER to inform her that I was late. I had opened the libary and was on the telephone speaking with the Library Tech. She was giving me a report on her condition. I asked her where the page's contact information was, because she was late. I pulled her library record and called the number listed. The number was her cell. She said, "Oh you're already in the library?" The patrons who were in the lobby when I arrived, came upstairs with her. One of the patrons said, "Oh, I saw you when you arrived!" As he said that, I was on the telephone with the secretary at the district office. I informed her that I was in the library when the page called them, and it was open. An hour later, my District Manager called and said, "So, what time did you really arrive?" I told her that I arrive at 1:10pm, and the page arrived after me. Instead of coming upstairs, she decided to go by the word of the YMCA staff and call the district office. I now know that I must watch out for that page also, because why do you have the telephone number of a district manager who isn't your district manager, stored in your cell?


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Now in this circumstance "snitches get stitches" does apply! LOL!

Doret said...

That was shady. And unless a librarian is always late opening the library late DM's do not want to be bothered, it just leads to unnesscary paperwork for them.