Friday, August 22, 2008

The incident that caused my need to leave the bldg

Background informaiton on my co-worker.

This is a becky in her fifties. She only works 20 hrs. per week period.
She complains at her desk, while at the reference desk, and anyplace else
where she has an audience.
She complains about work, having to commute to work, her house, her property
taxes, the patrons, if she has to work extra time on the reference desk.

I hadn't been assigned to work with this woman on the reference desk for
months. Why you ask, because I complained about her not doing her job while
at the reference desk.

This past Monday, we were scheduled to work the reference desk together for the 11-12 hour. For the first 30 minutes, one of our regulars sat at one of the laptop tables and held a LOUD conversation on his cellular telephone. He was so loud, that I heard him clearly. Since he was sitting on her side of the room, I tried not to say anything to him or her.

After 20 minutes, I left the desk. I went in the back to rant to another co-worker(his desk is in front of hers.) I returned to the reference desk and sat through 10 more minutes of the guy talking on the cell phone and my co-worker giving patrons incorrect information.

I finally said, while getting up from my seat and walking over to wear the guy was, "YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN HEAR HIM AND I DON'T KNOW WHY YOU HAVEN'T SAID ANYTHING!"When I reached the guy, he of course had ended his call(He ended it the minute he saw me get up.) I told him,"YOU KNOW BETTER!" When I returned to the desk, this LAZY WOMAN said, "You know, you're much younger than me, so of course you heard him." I simply said, "If I could hear his whole conversation clearly, I know that you heard him." I saw this woman look at dude when he first began his conversation, they made eye contact and she turned her head.

She tried to make small talk with me after that, but I simply ignored her.


Doret said...

I can't deal with co workers who don't work. Its not my job to tell you to do your job. And if they talk too much and don't work I can't be bothered. Will you have to work with her again?

Los Angelista said...

Unbelievable that she tried to front like she couldn't hear him. That is truly lazy beyond all measure.

Nexgrl said...

My working with her depends on the person who does the desk schedules. There are now three librarians who don't want to work with her.

@los angelista
The only time you will ever see her walk fast or do anything fast, is when it is time for her to leave work. She is speedy gonzales then.

Rashan Jamal said...

LOL @ the people too scared of confrontation to say anything. That aint really snapping. I thought you had cursed her out or something. LOL

African girl, American world said...
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Nexgrl said...

I don't curse and for me to yell at a co-worker while at the reference desk is pretty major. I usually try to ignore the action/inaction of others, but I had just gotten tired of that woman. I have been in this dept. for two years and that woman's attitude has gotten progressively worse. She is the cranky old Becky librarian that you remember from your childhood.