Friday, May 04, 2012

Public service is just WOW

My library system allows patrons to check out 50 items total at one time. EVERYTHING is checked out for 3 weeks. The late fee for DVDs is $1.00 per day. The late fee for everything else is $ .10 per day. If you haven't watched all of the movies that you checked out in 3 weeks, that's your problem. Last week, a man complained that his fines were $50. He had more than 9 late DVDs, that were more than 1 week late. This system is so generous, if you return the item, your late fee is knocked down to $5.00 per item. That's no matter how long the item has been checked out. He wanted me to forgive the WHOLE thing. I told him that I couldn't see doing that. I checked with my manager and because he said that he had been hospitilized, all was forgiven. Later I found out that he had done this last year. This week, a woman returned 5 DVDs that were months late. The library barcodes had been peeled off. She complained about the late fees and the $1 per label fee that she would be charged. I found out about the incident afterward. I wanted to know why she decided to bring the DVDs back. It looked as if they planned to keep them. We had a teen try to steal a Wrestling DVD last Friday. How did I know it was him. He was the only one of his group who checked out anything, and all he checked out were wrestling dvds. Today, the same teen came into the library eating suflower seeds. I informed him that he couldn't eat in the library. 20 minutes later, what do I see? THe had opened a (closed) window, raised the blinds and proceeded to spit the shells out the window. I kicked him out for the rest of today.


Doret said...

A couple of weeks ago I was at the library checking out a few books. The lady in front of me was taking for forever. Her card was blocked because of too many fines. When she couldn't check out DVDS on her card any more she started to use her sons because his was blocked as well. She paid the $90 dollars to unblock the sons but couldn't afford to pay her fines.

I felt bad for the librarian because she kept having to explain the same thing.

Nexgrl said...


You got to see it first hand. We go through this everyday. Almost all of the excessive offenders are just like the patron you witnessed. It's as if they think making us repeat the rules & regulations over and over again, will cause us to slip up. They are hoping that we say something wrong, so that they get out of paying their fines. What's frustrating is that they don't see situations like this as the library system losing money.

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

You give folks an inch and they want to take a mile!

MrsTDJ said...

I love your library tales. *smh* I go in once every two weeks or so to pick up my Books on CD, and I am always amazed at the amount of fees that people rack up. My country library only charges $0.05 per day for late materials and folks still owe tons of $$.