Thursday, April 27, 2006

Brown spots in a sea of white

I haven't worked in this area of town since January 2000. Today I was reminded of how corny some people can be. As I stood in line, waiting to order a sandwich; the conversation of the couple behind me was sickening.

She went on and on about how bad her day was going, what a terrible boss she has, she's stuck wearing a turtleneck sweater on a warm sunny day. The worst, " Oh Baby, my day just got so much better when I saw your face." His reply, " I know, you sounded so down on the telephone and now you sound so much better."

While searching the stack for a book, a gentleman approached me as he exited the men's restroom. I really wasn't paying him any attention, because I was frantically searching for a book while the patron was on hold. As he zips his pants, he tells me how nice it is too see a sister at the reference desk. He said that it is always a bunch of other people and he was glad that I was there. I looked him in the eye and said that they were a few of us sprinkled here and there.

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