Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Don't you just hate nicety people

This woman was in here on the prowl for people to sign her petition. I am guessing that she gets paid by the amount of signitures she receives per day. As I passed her on my way to the restroom, she asked me to sign her petition. I simply said, " I don't sign petitions."

This is the same woman who was rolling her eyes at me last week. She came in here Thursday to use the computer. It being Spring Break, they were full with teenagers. She saunters over to my section and asks, "If this section is only for children, why is it empty and they're all on the adult side?" I told her that the age limit over here is 12 years of age and those boys that she is calling children are actually 13 or older. She made that sucking noise and walked away. For the duration of her time in the library, she rolled her eyes at me each time she saw me. It continued on Friday. Of course she arrived after the teenagers, so she was mad once again. She proceeded to roll her eyes at me for the second day. I didn't pay her any attention.

I know she thought that I was just being mean today. She had the nerve to be smilling in my face as she asked me to sign her petition. This is the same woman who sends her BAAD TWIN GRANDSONS here when they have gotten on her last nerve at home. WHAT MAKES HER THINK WE WANT TO BE BOTHERED WITH 2 MORE BAAD CHILDREN?????

She tells them they have to call to find out if it is okay for them to return home.

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