Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Seeing things

Yesterday, a woman came into the branch wearing a shower cap. I know you remember people wearing those things supposedly to preserve their Jerri Curls. Well, I chalked that sighting up to the rain.

Lo and behold, there was another sighting while walking to work today. There was a man working on his van about two blocks from here. When he emerged from under the hood, why did he have on a pink shower cap. It is bad enough that he had on a shower cap, but a PINK one.

I have officially become a computer police officer. Spring Break has turned me into this. Monday near closing, I found a boy that I suspected of hacking into the system. It was too late in the day to conduct the required research to prove it.
Yesterday, I found a family of violators. I am sure that they have been getting away with this for a while. When my boss is here, I don't worry about the adult section or the adult computers. Well, they had been sitting a bit too long at the computer terminals and the adults were getting restless.

I went into the computer administration program and discovered that they used up their alloted 1 hour. They had begun using the library card numbers of family members to gain more computer time. This is considered identity theft by the Library Administration (I know, I sound like a nerd for real.) This causes problems with other patrons because you have a group of teenagers hogging the adult terminals. They are too old for the children's computers, but adults see them as children.

I STOPPED THE MESS AT THE DOOR TODAY. The group of boys arrived at 1:00 p.m. when we opened. As soon as they entered, I told them that they could only use their library card numbers for internet access. I also told them that if I caught them using anyone else's library card number, they would be banned from computer usage throughout the library system. They were gone before 2:30 p.m.

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