Saturday, May 17, 2008

If you hear loud voices, or any type of commotion, check the 3rd Floor first.

It is a running joke that our floor is the one where the most incidents occur. This happened about two weeks ago.

A half shim approached me at the reference desk( half because he had on all male clothes, pumps, and his long blonde wig was twisted.) You could tell that this was a man who had just thrown on a wig. You could see his bad attempt at streaks. His natural hair looked as if instead of blonde streaks, he got blonde dots. He had shaved his head a bit, but the spots were still obvious and the wig just wasn't covering it.

Now he complained that he was being harassed while sitting in the Gay/Lesbian Center. My boss was at the desk with me, and we thought it may have been a regular who doesn't like anyone to be in the center while he is in there.

My boss went into the center and spoke with the man who was in there. He asked him to leave because it had been reported that he was harassing another patron.

Two minutes later, a man comes walking past the reference desk. As he is walking by, he is yelling, "I F**KS WIT B*TCHES, I DON'T FU**S WIT MEN! YOU BETTA GET THAT STRAIGHT, I FU**S WIT B*TCHES, NOT MEN!"

I turned to my boss and said, "Oh, I guess that's why he was hanging out in the Gay/Lesbian Center and harassing a shim!"


Aunt Jackie said...

that whole story is all types of wrong...seriously.


Nexgrl said...

Aunt Jackie---Now you know what you have been missing. I'll be looking for you on your next up north trip.