Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This is what I get for leaving work early yesterday!

This is what was in front of my cubicle when I arrived to work today. I am supposed to go through each and every one of these and determine if we should keep it or toss it. I feel like chucking the whole cart. They are VERY DUSTY and some look as if they will fall apart as soon as I touch them.


Doret said...

Look out for spiders. I was shifting books at work today and a spider came out. Also I am pretty there's a spider family living in my bookshelve at home.

Nexgrl said...

I don't know about spiders, but we were told to watch out for mouse drippings.

Doret said...

As dusty as those books look you'll probably find at least one spider. Don't worry they're always tiny. Maybe the mouse ate the spiders. And Ewww about the mouse drippings.

Aunt Jackie said...

dusty books that have to go, there's something kinda sad about books being too old to be in the library any more.

am i being over sentimental?

Nexgrl said...

The news about the mouse drippings got me also.

@Aunt Jackie
My supervisor and the floor manager both feel the same as you. That is the main reason the books are at my desk. I feel like throwing them out without even reviewing them. They aren't catalogued and they have been in storage for 12 years. I feel like they aren't needed if they haven't been in circulation for over 12 years.

Opinionated Diva said...

I would tell folks I'm allergic to dust (in my case...I am) and start up a sneezing freenzy!

Nexgrl said...


They know that I'm allergic to dust. They tease me about the gloves and mask.