Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Wednesday at work ended on a negative note

Nine out of ten times, I usually upset a patron when they ask for something and I refuse to do it.

Well, we have temporary passes for use of the computer. They are only given out if something goes terribly wrong with the computer. If the computer has stopped working properly because of patron error, they aren't automatically given a pass, so that they can have additional time on the computer(This seems to be only a rule on my floor, according to the patrons.)

So this old Becky asked for my assistance with her computer. She said that it was acting up. I saw that she had done something to the computer, but I couldn't figure out what, so I just rebooted it. As I was rebooting the computer, she asked, "Can I have one of those numbers?"
I said, "No."

She thought that I didn't understand her, because her next statement was this. "I mean one of those temporary passes." I said, " I know what you meant and I am not going to give you one."

She then said, "WHY NOT? I HAVE BEEN NOTHING BUT NICE TO YOU!" I began to say, " It's not the policy........." She cut me off and yelled even louder, "SOMEONE IS GOING TO GIVE ME A PASS NOW!" I tried to explain that she still had 35 minutes left on her card and she didn't need a pass. She kept yelling, so I walked back to the reference desk. She promptly marched over to my co-worker(another old Becky.)

My coworker to her to just use another computer, once the one that she had been on had finished rebooting.

This woman waited until I left the desk, then asked my replacement how to go about filing a formal compliment.


Aunt Jackie said...

i can't stand old crazy people, i hate to say it but it's true..old crazy Becky's especially because they think the world owes them something...

i know it's wrong.

God forgive me, but I wouldn't have given her anything either. acting up like that at the library!

Nexgrl said...

Aunt Jackie, she made me so mad, but I could speak on the entitlement issues without offending my co-worker.