Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A continuation of the patron incidents from last week

Last Thursday, my co-worker informed a patron that he was sitting in a designated teen area and he had to move.
The policy is that an adult must be accompanied by a teen, when sitting in the
teen area.

Okay, no biggie. The man then came over to me and said, " I want to know that librarian's name because I'm going to write a letter to the city librarian." My co-worker then came over to where we were and said, "We don't give out our names, but you can have my badge number."

The patron stated, "YOU HAVE A BAD ATTITUDE" and walked away. We thought nothing of the incident, because it happens all of the time.

Sunday when I arrived to work, my supervisor asked me about the incident. He wanted to know if it was me or my co-worker that the patron was complaining about. I told him what happened.

He then explained to me that the patron did send a complaint letter to the city librarian and he now had to appologize to the patron.

My co-worker followed proceedure, but because a complaint was made to the city librarian, the patron now has to receive an appology. He also needs to be reassured that my co-worker will be reprimanded.


Judaye said...

What specifically does your co-worker have to apologize for?


GorgeousPuddin said...

That makes no sense! They have to apologize for doing their job???? It's creepy to me when grown men are in the teen section. I see them watch the teen girls. I wouldn't apologize NOPE!

Nexgrl said...

@Judaye and Gorgeous Puddin
My supervisor(the acting floor mgr this week,) has to send a letter of appology to the patron. He also has to assure the patron that my co-worker will be spoken to about the incident. In essence, pacify the patron. That old motto, the customer/patron is always right.

It's extremely creepy for the adult(old) men to be in the teen area, this is the reason for the policy.