Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On another note

CRAZY AND ALCOHOL/RECREATIONAL DRUGS DON'T MIX!!!!!!!!I'm going to need everyone to shout that from a mountain top at least twice a month. My reciting it everytime I encounter a patron who mixes 2 or all three of those things isn't working. The other thing I announce at least once a day is, "I NOW UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE SHOULD JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS!"

So it seems that I spoke too soon!

Yesterday we were short staffed, almost everyone had to work an extra hour on the reference desk. Lucky me, my extra time was spent at the International Reference desk. I was at there at 2pm, and then again at 4pm.

Well, Mr. McCreepy spotted me at the reference desk. At first he walked past without saying anything, and I thought I was safe. Nope, I need to stop hoping and praying that he will leave me alone. My prayer every time I spot him on the floor is that he will decide to like someone else. Another creepy person staring at me is the last thing I need in LIFE.

So, he walked pass me twice. The third time he came my way, was to use the print station. I kept thinking that somehow I was spared. After he retrieved his print job, he stopped and just stared. I spotted him, I was conducting a search on the computer and never looked his way. So the fool walks pass me and says high. I gave the driest "Hi," I could muster up.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sometimes, my patience doesn't exist

There's this one patron who annoys me. My boss teases me and says, "Oh, is that another member of the Nexgrl Fan Club?"
He will stand in line and wait until I'm available. The other thing he does, is stand near the pillar by the reference desk and stare at me. He tries to use one of internet computers that face the reference desk, so that he can stare at me. How do I know these things? Everytime I look up, he is staring at me. He will ask me the same questions over and over again.
My breaking point came about 3 weeks ago. He waited to ask me to help him with a computer that was on the opposite side of the room. It was the side that my co-worker was covering. I spoke to the guy sharply and said, "OH, YOU COULD'T JUST ASK MY CO-WORKER TO DO IT?". To my surprise, that was all it took. I didn't see him for about 1 1/2 wks. Last week, I saw him talking to one of the librarians on the internation side of the floor. The day after that, I saw him using a computer near the reference desk, but he left without bothering me. I am hoping that this lasts forever!

Monday, July 06, 2009


Yeah, I hate to admit, but she got me good. What she doesn't realize, is that I won't let it happen again.

Last Wednesday, I was at my desk talking on my cell, when one of the supervisors(not mine) approached me. I told my friend that I'd call her back.
So, MsAbsentMinded asks me if I would come to work an hour later Thursday and work until 8pm. My first answer was no, because I made a deal when I began working in this department. I work Sundays, so I never have to work a weeknight. Ms.A.M.(Absent Minded) said okay, but went on to whine, "But I don't know if NeverCome2Work will show up. She returns from LA in the morning.". The whole time, I'm looking at Ms.A.M.and thinking that isn't my problem.
Since I was looking at her with a strange look, she asked, "Do you have plans? If you say no, I'll just ask 1 of the pages to sit at the reference desk with me." After about 7 mintes, I finally agreed.
Thursday, NeverCome2Work was scheduled to arrive at 12:30pm. I decided that I would just tell her to work the last hour and go home early. About 1:20pm, I see NeverCome2Work walking up the stairs toward our floor. The only librarian on my floor who looks like me is going down the stairs. He stopped, said something to NeverCome2Work; she turned around and left.
I found out later that afternoon that MsA.M. told NeverCome2Work that she didn't have to show up.
My supervisor said,"You are so good, the favor will be returned to you.". My response, "Funny how MsA.M. waited until after you left for the day to talk about changing my schedule.