Monday, October 25, 2010

What a Monday

The end of my second hour at the reference was ending soon, when I noticed a man sleeping at the Encyclopedia Table.
I went over to attempt to awaken the patron. My raps on the table went unnoticed. The patron was slowly learning closer to the floor. There was a stream of snot hanging from one nostril, and he was lightly snoring.

Unable to wake the patron, I returned to the reference desk. As I began a call to security, the patron fell on the floor. My co-worker went over and said that I should call 911 because the patron wasn't waking up.

Security officers arrived, turned the patron on his side, and still didn't get a response from the patron.

The paramedics arrived quickly. They were unable to get a response from the patron. He was taken to the hospital.

FOUND among the patrons possessions, an EMPTY PINT OF VODKA, and a pack of PILLS.

That's how my Monday is going thus far how about yours?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

21 years ago today

There was a earthquake in San Francisco. Normally, this day has come and gone before I realize it.

Today, the similarities and differences struck me. October 17. 1989 was a hot day(SF standards,) it was muggy, and there was a slight smog in the air.
I was a full-time student during the day and worked a night shift from 3pm-12 midnight. The night-shift looked forward to 5:00pm, because the day shift departed and the building got quiet.

Well, this day, at 5:00pm the building began to shake. I duked under one of the old wooden desk. I didn't get up until the building stopped moving.
We went outside to the parking lot across the street. There was a head count to make sure the night shift was accounted for.

We discovered that a brick wall on the 6th street of the building had collapsed. A lot of our cars had been damaged. Some were crushed and resembled metal suitcases. One woman from the day-shift lost her life when the wall collapsed.

***SIDE NOTE***My car was famous! My godmother called the next day and told us to turn on the Sh.ow. There was my car. It has risen in the air and landed on a pile of bricks from wall that collapsed.

Fast forward 2010******

It began raining this morning as I prepared for work. I look forward to 5:00pm today, because the library closes and I get to leave for the day.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Some things can't be explained!

Yesterday, in passing, my co-worker informed me that security had found two 19yr old men/boys having sex in the 1st floor men's restroom.....My mouth hung open....THE DESIRE WAS THAT URGENT???

Has anyone ever gotten mad at you because they were wrong, and you had the unlucky pleasure of informing them??? Yea, well it happens to me everyday, but not before the person has a chance to argue their position.

Why did I get an email assignment yesterday(Tuesday) and the deadline is this Friday. I don't work on Fridays, so my deadline is Thursday. I sent the woman questions today and got no answers. The previous deadline was September 30th. She ended the email by stating that the deadline was so quick because SHE was going on vacation.