Friday, March 26, 2010

Yesterday, I did the Teen Librarian's job

She was working the Teen Reference desk. She was tidying up the paperback book racks. As I walked past the Teen Center, I noticed a couple on top of each other, and I let her know. She said, "OH NO, NOT AGAIN, THEY ARE AT IT EVERYDAY! I just said something to them yesterday, can you speak to them today?

I walked back over there and said, "IF YOU AREN'T ALLOWED TO DO THAT AT HOME, THEN YOU CAN'T DO IT IN THE LIBRARY EITHER! You(the girl) need to get a chair and sit in it, by yourself." I turned to leave and noticed their friend laughing at them.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Teen Center news

There are signs on the tables and computer workstations in the Teen Center. The signs say that the area is designated for teens, adults are only allowed if they are accompanied by a teen. There have been many violations of this rule, so now the signs are in 3 languages.
One of my co-workers, is adamant about enforcing the rule. A few weeks ago, she approached World Traveler(she will sit and stare at the globe for hours.). When World Traveler saw her, she said, "I know the sign says that adults must be accompanied by a teen. I'm sitting here, hoping that one of my children will stop by."

When my co-worker told me what happened, I told her, "Well, there isn't anything you can say about that one.". World Traveler's response was classic, it was like she had her response memorized.

Even now, I think about what World Traveler said and laugh.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You can now use the library as a charging station

There are a few patrons that use the library to charge their wheelchairs. Cellular telephone charging has become the norm, but I still can't get used to seeing the random wheelchair.

Yesterday morning, I had gone to the first floor, to give security a identification card that had been left at the reference desk. As I exited the staff elevator, I saw a wheelchair against the wall, near the large print books. The wheelchair was plugged in. Sitting across from the chair, was it's owner, who had the nerve to give me the 'side-eye(yes, Jazzy, he did') Thrown to the side of the patron was a prosthetic leg.

Upon first glance, it seemed as if the leg didn't belong to the patron. After closer inspection, I saw that it did.

When I returned to my floor, I relayed this story to my co-worker. He said, "Was the leg being charged also?"

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

On to the good news

Thursday evening, just before I left work, as I was helping a patron, I noticed Radio Man blowing his nose ONTO THE CARPETED FLOOR. When he saw me, he popped up like nothing had happened.

Since it was time for me to leave for the day, my co-worker agreed to file the paperwork and deal with security.

Sunday, I found out that RADIO MAN IS BANNED FOR 90 DAYS!!!!!

Mine arrived this past Saturday

Since Friday is my scheduled day off, I received my pink slip along with Saturday's mail.

The effective date is May 8, 2010. Sunday, while at work, I learned that the union is working on a solution. Meetings were scheduled to explain what we are to do after receiving the pink slips. I didn't attend any, because they didn't fit my desk schedule. I thought that I'd wait until next week. It's a good thing also, because maybe we'll receive solid answers.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Pink Slips

That's been the topic around here since yesterday. It all started when the City Librarian forwarded a memo to the library staff that was written by the mayor.
Pink Slips will be issued to all city departments tomorrow. All classifications will be included in this mass layoff.
Supposedly, some of those laid off, will have the option of being re-hired part-time. The part-time hours aren't to exceed 37.5 hours.

Yesterday, the whinner came to my desk and asked me, "Are you worried?". I told her that there wasn't anything that I could do to prevent being laid-off, so I can't worry about that.
Later, one of the women who liked to call in sick on or after pay day, was in a tiff about the rankings list. I just let her talk. I chose not to explain that the rank is where you were on the eligibility list, when you were offered your current position.
Today, they've been standing around whining about the possible outcome tomorrow. I'm just tired of hearing them talk about the same stuff. It's 4pm and one of the main complainers just said,"Let me go get some work done."

Monday, March 01, 2010

I don't know if I've mentioned "Radio Man"

There's a man who likes to frequent the floor that I work on....Often I think, he likes to annoy the staff. I realize that's his way of gaining attention, being loud and abusive. Yesterday, I had to speak with him about his behavior, because he was disturbing the people around him. As I was walking away, he said something smart, I whipped my head around and gave him a look that said, "TRY ME!"

Today, he came strolling onto the floor around 2:30p.m. When I saw him, I told my co-worker that I really wasn't in the mood today. Radio Man decided that he would hang around the reference desk talking loudly. He was trying to work my nerves, because as he walked past the reference desk, he looked me dead in my face. I turned my head, and every time that I looked up, he was looking at me to see what my reaction was. I fixed him, because I told my co-worker, "I need to call security and tell them that they need to come and get their friend." He walked away from the reference desk when I said that.

His favorite ways to annoy us, are to play his DVDs loudly, listen to music on his radio(that he carries daily,) or play his bongos. His preference is to sit at a table where there are quite a few people on their laptops, or reading.

I have personally had security escort him out of the building on numerous occasions. Other times, I have told him, "You have two choices, leave now on your own, or I'll call for you to have a security escort." I usually end up calling security because he will start saying some slick mess to me.