Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blogger problems and new posts

For two weeks straight, each time I tried to log onto blogger so that I could create new posts, I was stuck at the login page. I kept telling myself that I would try from home, but you know how that can go. Since I am at home for a while, I decided to try blogger from home. Well, I can create post, but not much else.

I had no idea that people did this

Last Monday, October 15th, a man and a woman approached the reference desk. They looked to be no more than 19 years of age. They debated who would ask the question. The female finally said, " My job said for me to come to the library and get a book that will tell me how to talk to people, can you help me?" I was shocked, but I proceeded to search the catalog. I am sure that the expression on my face showed what I was thinking because the woman then asked me, "Do you think that you can find something like that in the library?" I told her that I am sure I could find some work etiquette books. I found two books and then the female patron dropped the bomb, "We need two books each." So I returned to the online catalog and continued the search. I finally found something that was about dealing with a$$holes in the workplace. They were so happy, they asked for that call number and they were off in search of the book.

I hate copycats

I am having trouble with blogger today, but at least I am able to post. I'll give you the background first. I had been having problems with my knee, the P.A. gave me a cane because she said I was at risk for a fracture. Now, with that said, on to the incident. I went to work on Tuesday October 9th and everyone one was as normal as they usuallly are. I missed work Wednesday October 10th because of a medical appointment. When I returned to work on Thursday October 11th, the woman who had been making snide remarks regarding my use of a cane, arrived at work with what? A cane. The other hypochondriac on our floor also had a cane. The first thing that I asked my boss is, "Can't I have anything by myself?" His response, "NO."

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Security in the building

My first hour on the reference desk this morning; the head of security was making the rounds, introducing the new hire. Only, he's not so new to working for this City & County. His prior post from which I recognized him, was working the door at the downtown police precinct.

Why did dude circle back without his boss and ask me the same tired line that he would ask each and everytime that I saw him when I went to jury duty, get my car out of impound, file a hit & run report, you name it. "Did you go to high school in the city?" I had to stop the madness!!!

My response, " You ask me that each and every time that you see me! YES, I did, I.C.A."

That usually shuts him down because it is an all girls catholic high school. And no, I didn't go to school with him, nor did he do security at my high school.

This fool had the nerve to say, "Well, if you already knew me, why didn't you ask how I have been when my boss introduced us?"

He kept talking, but I said, " Nope, Umph, Umph, not." [ala NewNew] I didn't even hear the rest of whatever he was saying because I had tuned him out.