Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I found this today and thought that I'd share it

AP - Tue Mar 27, 5:06 PM ET
SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - A cameraman was caught with some creepy video footage. The man was surreptitiously videotaping female feet in the science library at University of California, Santa Cruz, campus police said. "Officers indicated he was embarrassed by his behavior," university spokesman Jim Burns said Monday. "He offered no resistance to the request that he leave immediately and indicated he would not be back."

I have heard of this but I have never witnessed it. I have also heard of men licking women's toes while they were studying in the library(this happened while I was working at GSU Library.)

Silence no more!!!!

The two weeks of silence are gone. No more sitting at my desk and actually hearing myself think. SHE'S BACK, the loud mouth librarian. She is returning her voicemail calls. I am wondering why she hasn't been scheduled on the reference desk yet.

I am tired of her voice already. I know, I know, I need a new job already. I haven't even been in this department for a year. April 25th will mark my one year anniversary of being in this position.

It's not the duties, it's not my supervisor, it's not my manager. IT'S THE LOUD COWORKERS!

They have been here for 10 or more years, so I know they aren't going anywhere. It is I who must make that move.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Just another rainy Monday

I finally decided that today was the day to pay my property taxes. It had been sprinkling all day.

2:00 p.m., I decide to trek over to City Hall. Well, I get downstairs and it was pouring down raining and COLD. As I got closer to the building, I noticed that a lot of people were exiting the building. I reached the top of the stairs after snaking my way through and around people, IT'S A FIRE ALARM!!!!!!!!

I have to put off paying my taxes once again. There's an ATM in City Hall, but that was off limits also. This meant I had to walk another block and a half. By the time I reached the ATM, I was dripping wet and I still had to walk back to work.

I needed the ATM today because I have to replace a tire. I went to visit my friend at the library she manages in East Oakland on Saturday. I parked on the 49th and Foothill, she told me not to do it last month when I was there. I figured there was a space right by the door to the library. The bad part is that I figured wrong.

The right front tire has a slash. It is jagged and slanted. But get this, the tire has a slow leak. It cant' be repaired, it has to be replaced!!!!!! It's a good thing that I use public transportation as a means to get to and from work.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Wave cap and her DRAMA

About two weeks ago, I was stopping at my desk before going out to the reference desk. I see Wave Cap approaching my desk with her grown son in tow( it is 9:55 a.m.) They were headed toward the staff fax machine. It is right across from my desk, so we passed each other.

Now every since I told on her a few months back, she hadn't been really speaking to me. Well, low and behold, she decides to showboat in front of her son and say hi. I looked at her like she is CRAZY; paused, said hi and kept it moving.

Here it is about two weeks later and she came shuffling back to the fax machine this morning. I didn't even have to looks up. No one else shuffles around in slippers all day long. The woman had the nerve to say HI. I didn't look up, I didn't turn my head, but I did say hi.

She continued to shuffle pass my desk about three more times before I went out to the reference desk.

When I returned to my desk an hour later, there was a pile of books that needed to be withdrawn or sent to preservation. She did the punk move of waiting until I was gone to place a stack of work on my desk(she has done this twice so far today.)

Why am I writing about this. Well, she went to the other black librarian (male) and asked him why I didn't like her!!!!!!!!

When he told me about her question, I told him that it goes back to her getting mad because I inadvertently told my boss that she wasn't doing her job correctly. She was mad at me for weeks after that and stopped saying anything to me.

I told him that he can tell her to stop trying with me because that first incident with her, set the tone for our working relationship...........Don't SPEAK TO ME!!!! If you feel that you must say hi, do it and keep it moving.

I have said this over and over about the petty women working in this system, I DON'T NEED ANYMORE FEMALE FRIENDS!!!!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

RUN-DMC-You Talk Too Much

I have a co-worker who sits in the aisle next to mine. I am reminded of the refrain from this song everytime she opens her mouth. She is loud and you know exaclty what is going on with everyone everywhere. She will be on vacation this week and I have been looking forward to this every since I heard her making the plans.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Just when I was prepared to get some work done

I am on a committee that selects the non-fiction books that will be available for purchase by our library system.

Each month I am responsible for gathering all of the titles for two different sections. This entails me printing out all of the information for each book, reviews and all, and forwarding it to the chairperson for the committee.

We meet each month and go over each title for each and every non-fiction book that will be featured the following month.

I have put this off since the last week of February. Well, the meeting is Thursday of next week. This means that I must get cracking.

GUESS WHAT????????????????............The main printer for the entire floor is BROKEN!!!!

I am now expected to save everything I want to print to USB Flashdrive and then go to another terminal and print the information. That only lasted long enough for me to print two titles.

I printed that mess while I was on the reference desk. I kept asking my boss if the printer was fixed yet.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Here we go again......Lunchtime Special

One of the library pages approached the Security guard who happened to be posted on the railing in front of the reference desk. Silly me, I thought he was teasing her about talking loudly in the library..........Little did I know.

The page whispers to me, "There is a patron sitting at a computer terminal outside of the gay/lesbian center getting busy." I gave him a quizzical look, so he continues, "You know, the patron is full on, pants down getting busy."

Security guard was right on time, because she was able to catch the patron in the act. And...lucky for us, but not so lucky for the patron......The police officer who is stationed at this library just so happened to be walking by.

The lead ol' boy away down the back stairs.