Tuesday, March 04, 2014

No Shoes, just socks

I've been dealing with a difficult patron for the past month. He would enter the library, stash his belongings and leave for hours at a time. Each time that I discovered what he had done, I would watch for his return and kick him out of the library for the day. He would then return an hour or so later, with shades on, thinking that would disguise him. I would remind him that he was suspended for the day. When that wasn't happening, I would find myself waking the same patron 2-4 times per day. Library security had escorted him out of the building twice. Last Wednesday, I caught him before he entered the building. Since we don't open until 1:00pm, he had been standing outside and cursing me up, down, and sideways (staff heard him through the bookdrop.) He was standing at the door, no shoes, and striking a pose. When the doors opened, he had stepped away. I was there waiting for him when he returned and told him to turn around before he entered the second set of double doors. That was it, he began cursing me, I heard all types of f-yous, and I was all types of b*tches. He turned to leave, changed his mind, turned around and began cursing me again. When he turned the first time, that made his suspension 7 days. Since he turned around again and began cursing me all over again, his suspension turned into 30 days. So, he went downtown the next day, to the main branch. Security snapped him up and served him the 30-day suspension.