Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Rules & Guidelines effective May 1, 2007

Some are new and some aren't but a few of them stood out in my mind when I browsed the list.

Want to know which ones? Well, even if you don't, I am going to share them.

Uniform Staff Procedures for Enforcement of the Guidelines of Library Use and
other Library rules


4. Persons under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs are not allowed on Library

Now any and everyone who has ever visited a public library knows that the majority
of our patrons fall into this category. ***The most that will ever be given for violation is a
7-day suspension.

8. Animals, other than service animals assisting persons with disabilities, are not permitted
inside Library facilities or within 10 feet of any door.

Everyone and their Momma brings their dog up in here. They will claim in a minute that
it is a companion dog. You see anything from a pitbul to a lab.

11. Sleeping or lying on the floor or furniture is prohibited.

You can take a stroll around this floor any given time of the day and catch a few people

18. Unreasonable use of rest rooms, including laundering and bathing [smoking, soliticiting,
clogging drains and brushing teeth.]

We receive complaints daily regarding this.

20. Harassing or threatening Library users or staff.
20a. Harassing or threatening staff or patron:
Maximum punishment is a 12-month suspension.

There is a total of 32 guidelines. I have listed just a few that stand out. I also wonder how well enforcement will go. Most of these guidelines are already listed in the rules and regulations portion of our website and the library application packet.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Original Fashion Statement

As seen in the library today April 17, 2007. Do you tire of carrying your Chihuahua? Why not place your pouch in a stroller. Not a doll stroller, but one meant for human babies!!!!

That is the new trend set by one patron.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Promotion Quest

I've been telling a few close friends and family for a while that I don't think the possibility for a promotion is near in this library system.

It's not that there aren't any openings, it's just that they all are Children's Librarian Branch Manager. I have vowed to never return to Children's services. You are over worked and under appreciated. To combine that job with the responsibilities of a branch manager is too much. Most people who take on the task only last a few years. Yes, there are those who just love being a children's librarian and have stayed in the position for years.

When the love of being a Children's librarian isn't as strong as the desire to be a branch manager, people transfer to an Adult Services Branch Manager position.

The Children's Librarian Branch Manager positions are rarely filled as transfers, the next step is to open them up as temporary reassignments. They think that means those of us who want a promotion will bite.

Well, I guess no one is really biting. So what have they done? They have opened up the hiring list for Librarian II. This is a sideways approach to get those of us who desire a promotion to get in line for those Children's Librarian Branch Manager openings.

Yeah, I applied.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A compliment, I guess. Not

My last hour on the reference desk.

Two older black men walked past the desk. The short ugly one said to me ( I had helped them earlier,) " You seem to have a pretty smile, but you have a ugly look in your eyes."

My response," Thanks for sharing!"

An older black man who is here every day, all day approached me about 15 minutes before the last two.

He started with this little speech about leaving his reading glasses at home. Finally......he asked if he could check out a magnifying glass.

***We have had problems with the magnifying glasses that we lend out, they never seem to come back.******This problem also occurs with the reference items that are held behind each desk******We are losing books and supplies so much so, that management issues and updated mandatory required valid acceptable form of identification******

So, ol' dude produces this faded piece of hard plastic that looked as if it may have been some type of badge with a picture on it at one time or another. You can't even tell if the image could have possibly been him at one time.

I looked at it and told him, " NOPE!!!" He had the nerve to mumble as he was walking away, "bitch."

My first instinct was to get mad, but then I calmed down immediately. I told myself that he will be back tomorrow and he will neeed something again. We shall see if I even entertain his question.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

I AM NOT PSYCHIC, no matter what you were told

If you ask me to show you how to open your USB Flash Drive, don't turn around and ask me why the folder says trash and your name..............HELLO, I DON'T KNOW.