Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I know it's mean, but I don't care!

The public school system is on Spring Break. It started on 3/18. I want it to be over, effective YESTERDAY!

I thougt it was next week(the reason I'll be on vacation.)

I saw a teen in thigh hi boots today(they were flats.). Who buys thigh boots for their teenage daughter??

The nerve of her

Yesterday, one of the major vacation hogs approached me. She wanted to know if I was willing to give up my vacation day(this Sunday.)

I told her no and kept it moving. When I mentioned the conversation to my co-worker(who sit next to me,) she said that she
had been approached also.

The woman who approached us is ALWAYS on vacation. She takes the time from Thanksgiving until New Year's every year. If she changes her mind about vacation, she will cancel at the last minute.

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Monday view

For 1 full hour while at the reference desk, I had to look at a Swatika tattoo. The owner of the tattoo chose to use one of the
Internt computers that faces the reference desk. The tat is on his hand. Every movement, I saw the tat out of the corner of my eve.
It's one of those black/grey sloppy jobs.

Homey kept dozing, off and on. It just so happened that a security officer was passing by anf tapped the guy. Tattoo Man then told his girl(I'll let that one go,) that we called security on him.

Monday, March 14, 2011

REALY! That's your complaint

This afternoon, a woman walked up to the desk to complain about a man who walks around the floor in circles all day long.
Sometimes, he changes his routine and circles the outside of the building a few times before returning to our floor. There are days when he even sits down for
A while. It's obvious that he's a special needs adult.

Back to the complaint. She wanted us to stop the man from walking in circles, because
it was getting on her nerves.

My co-worker explained that there's no library policy that prevents anyone from
Walking the floor all day long.

I forgot to mention that this woman parks herself at the encyclopedia tables for about 5hrs everyday. She argues with other patron if they are sitting
Where she usually sits.

As she walked away, I told my co-worker, "We don't complain about her sitting on this floor all day."

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Staffing Shortages

So, another department is suffering from lack of man power. This time around, my department was TOLD by management that every librarian would be
required to spend 1hr per week at the Information Services Desk until further notice. I told the librarian who does the desk schedules to make sure that I'm
the last one on the list. Well, because of my work schedule I'm the next to last.

I made this request because no one shared the duty with me of 4hrs per week in the Government Information Department.

This afternoon was my first stint at the Information Services Desk.

Why did the patron(black man) walk up to me and say, "Oh, you normally work on the other side of the room(borrower services desk!)"

I told him that I didn't work on that floor at all.

He then said, "Yes you do, you're the woman that no one goes to for help!"

Once again, I told him that I didn't work on that floor.