Monday, January 29, 2007

Crazy trips me up each and every time

A patron asked me to find a book about kings for her.....Okay, what type of kings, where. "Oh all european kings, I want names and years." I located a general book and we were off in seach of it.

We get to the aisle where the book is shelved. In a hushed tone........."Can you find me a book on Satan" I looked at that woman like, "What the..........................." So she says, "That was a real person, that was his name." Then she eyes a book on Ancient Greece. "Can you get me a title on Ancient Rome too, I know, you can find one in the computer." Once again, I looked at her like she was out of her mind because the reference desk was on the other side of the room. Before I left in search of the two different subjects, she said, "I know, I keep asking you for different things when I should have asked when you were at the desk, but I don't know what I want."

I went back to the desk and found some more call number sections for her to look at because I was THROUGH helping her. I knew that her search would be never ending, since I was searching for whatever popped into her mind. ****Greece, Rome, and Europe are all in the same general area, but I needed to step away from that woman for a minute!

The situation had me for a minute

I telephoned a friend in Atlanta while leaving work yesterday. I sat in the car and continued to speak with her. Because of the time difference, I knew that our conversation wouldn't be long. After sitting in the car for ten minutes.....................................

I hear the door handle being moved. I look up from my conversation, and see an older man with a suitcase. He began yelling for me to open my car door. I was yelling in return, telling him to get away from my car. This man told me to shut up and open the door. We went back and forth for a couple of seconds.

My friend asked what the problem was. I told her hurriedly that a bum was trying to open my car door. I quickly got off the cell and started the engine. Thankfully, the fool had begun to walk away.

I was/am thankful that I had enough sense to lock the doors. I am glad that he didn't break the window or have a gun. I was about four blocks away from my current job, but I was right in front of my old job.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Yesterday they left me tired

Theses things occurred during the last hour that I worked the reference desk.

1st Patron was actually being helped by my co-worker( She's new to the department, but not
the profession or this library system--old as dirt)

The patron was asking how she would go about using her USB Flash Drive because she
hadn't used one before. She then wanted to know how she could use one of the public
computers to transfer her documents from her floppy disk to the flash drive.

Insert the dumb look on my co-worker's face when she turns to me and asks, "Do you know what she is refering to?" (Thanks Tam)

At that point, I took over the reference question. I took the patron to the wordprocessing terminals and showed her where she would insert both the floppy disk and the flash drive.

The patron then asked me if a librarian would be able to show her how to transfer the information. I explained to the patron that we haven't been trained to do that and if anyone
is familiar with the process, it is because they have done it with their own documents.

The patron then asked, " Well is there anyone whose sole job is to show patrons how to transfer documents on the public computers"

I told the patron that that isn't the role of the librarians; but like I said before those who have done the tasks in question themselves, may be able to assist patrons.

The next question was, "Do you know how to transfer files from floppy to flash drive."

I told the patron that I didn't, and I don't own a flash drive.

Patron: "Well, do you know which librarian's have experience transfering documents? I mean,
do you know any names or what floor anyone with that experience might work on?"

I explained once again, "We are not trained to assist the patrons in the transfer of data, but you
might luck up and find a librarian who is."

Patron: "I still don't understand the difference in the computers or the floppy drives and the
flash drives, and how to use them with the computers."

Once again, I explained to the patron how she would use both on the computers and the difference between the two.

Patron: "Well, I don't have the flash drive or floppy disk with me today, I just wanted to know
what to do!" ..............................And, she walked away.

Last patron.

Patron: Can you help me to find a book about "coming out?"

I searched the online catalog and finally found a title that was supposed to be on the shelf. Most of the titles I found were reference and he wanted something he could checkout.

As we were walking to the shelves to search for some books, the patron said to me, " I don't want a book with more that 100 pages." (English seemed to be his second language)

Patron: "If the book has more than 100 pages, I won't be able to understand it."

The book wasn't on the shelf, so I sent him to another desk where they would retrieve the books from the shelves in the staff area.

The patron comes back to the desk. Patron: "I don't want a non-fiction book, because I'm
already out. I want a fiction book no more than
100 pages."
I changed the search and found some fiction titles for him to choose from. I found two books with less than 200 pages, but he seemed happy.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What would you say?

What do you say to the patron who says, "You take a nice picture."
( He said this while looking from me to my badge, while I was searching the online catalog.)

My reply,"Um yeah, thanks!"

What was going through my mind was, "So, does this mean I look horrible in person?"

The way in which he said it didn't sound complimentary to me.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Blonde

Random rant

Why did this guy approach the desk and just decide to share his craziness with me.

The patron approached the desk and just looked at me. He didn't say anything for 3 seconds. Finallly, I asked, " Do you need help finding a book?"

Patron, " Um, no.........Oh yes, I do need a book."

Me: "Do you know the title or the subject that you are looking for?"

Patron: "No, yes............I want a grammar book........No, I want to know about sentence structure..................."

I began looking for a title that discussed grammar. I found some titles and was about to print them.

Patron: "Oh, no, I want to know how to better understand what I read."

Me: "So you want something in regard to reading and comprehension?"

I began looking for that type of book and abandoned the search for a grammar book.

Patron: "No, I want a book on how to read faster"

Me: "So you want a book that will teach you how to speed read?"

Patron: "No, I want to learn to read faster!"

Me: "Yes, that is called speed reading."

I find a title, print out the information and take him to the section where the book is shelved.

I tell the patron, "This is the section where you want to be. There are grammar and reading books."

I return to the desk and the patron followed me.

Patron: " I want another book. I want one on grammar."

I searched for a specific title and told him, "It's in the same section we just left and I told you that you would find what you needed there. No, you decided to follow me back to the desk instead of just looking for what you needed."

****The grammar books were on shelf above the speed reading books. Yes, I know this is a part of the job that I have chosen, but does it mean they are allowed to drive me crazy?

Monday, January 08, 2007

Did I make you mad, or did I hurt your feelings?

Actually, I don't care, as long as it means you will stop asking me questions that you should already know the answer to.

Sundays are usually pretty odd/hectic here. We are short staffed on the weekends, but Sundays especially. There are only three of us who have chosen this as our regularly scheduled workday.

Problems arise when one of us has a scheduled vacation day, or calls in sick. Well yesterday fell into this category. One of us had a vacation day. This meant that we had more part-time temporary as needed librarians on the schedule.

Well......I worked with one in particular for two hours. 1/2 hour into our second hour together, I was tired of her lazy mess. I began answering her questions without even looking in her direction or away from the computer terminal.

After the patron left, she sauntered over to my side of the desk and said, "You know us T.E.A.N.'s have a hard time"

The sentence is incomplete because I stopped her right there and said, "Yeah well, you know that isn't going to fly with me because I did what you do!"

She then asked, " Oh, you were a PTAN?"

My answer, "Yes, for 3 years and I worked in the branches. 23 of the 27(now 28,) to be exact.

Her next question, " And, you remembered everything?"

My response, "Yes, everything!"

She went back to her side of the desk and didn't ask me another question.

(I used two different terms for the part-time librarian because they were called PTAN's during the time that I was one and now they are called T.E.A.N.'s.)

The woman mentioned in this post has worked here part-time for more that 10 years and she is in this department at least three times per week. She does the same thing to everyone, I just got feed up yesterday and said something. Hopefully, she will remember not to ask me anymore questions.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New beginings, but not really

This is how my first hour on the reference desk began........................

She exited the elevator with shems in tow. She,s the teenage version of the f**hag. I head her before I saw her.

They claimed some internet terminals and one of the shems approached me. I asked if reference help was needed? I was told yes, but um, no question followed. I then told shem#1 that I couldn't help if he didn't know what he wanted. Shem then said, " I'll be back when I figure out what it is that I want." As shem#1 is leaving, the hag starts speaking to him loudly at a distance that didn't require that volume.

I looked at her like she had a problem and returned to the terminal. She had the nerve to then say, "NO, THAT BITCH DIDN'T JUST LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT AND TURN AWAY!!! She didn't stop there, she kept talking mess.

So, I walked over to her and said, "If you call me out of my name one more time, you will be leaving here!!!" She had the nerve to say that I was being rude when I looked at her. I told her that I wasn't being rude, but she was being very loud and that is the reason I looked at her in the first place.

She kept talking mess, but she didn't call me out of my name and she lowered her volume. Her two shem friends would quiet her whenever it seemed her volume was starting to get out of hand.

I don't have a problem being called a BITCH, because I know that I can seem that way to others, I just don't want to be called out of my name a whole bunch of times.

I read this article after this incident.