Monday, January 29, 2007

The situation had me for a minute

I telephoned a friend in Atlanta while leaving work yesterday. I sat in the car and continued to speak with her. Because of the time difference, I knew that our conversation wouldn't be long. After sitting in the car for ten minutes.....................................

I hear the door handle being moved. I look up from my conversation, and see an older man with a suitcase. He began yelling for me to open my car door. I was yelling in return, telling him to get away from my car. This man told me to shut up and open the door. We went back and forth for a couple of seconds.

My friend asked what the problem was. I told her hurriedly that a bum was trying to open my car door. I quickly got off the cell and started the engine. Thankfully, the fool had begun to walk away.

I was/am thankful that I had enough sense to lock the doors. I am glad that he didn't break the window or have a gun. I was about four blocks away from my current job, but I was right in front of my old job.

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