Thursday, December 30, 2010

No Parking Baby

Yesterday afternoon, I just happened to glance at the laptop table. On the floor, leaning against the Self-Checkout Machine, was a No Parking Sign.

Yes indeed, one of our loyal patrons stole a No Parking Sign(probably from in front of the building) and left it for our custodial staff to dispose of.

When I mentioned the sign to one of my co-workers, he picked it up and placed it behind the reference desk.

This afternoon, when I arrived at the reference desk another one of my co-workers had it under her arm as she left the desk. I asked her if that was her way of letting us know that she didn't want anyone visiting her desk area too long. She replied, "Yes, especially between the hours of 12 midnight and 6:00a.m.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I don't know if I've mentioned this before

The woman who calls the reference desk regarding us(the librarians) correcting her spelling/gramatical errors has been fired.
I know this because two weeks aga she called and asked me to help her with an email. She wanted to know where they wanted her to leave the laptop and her security badge on 12/31.

She forgot a few things when she revealed this to me. I had asked her a few years ago, why she didn't use the spell/grammar check in word. She told me she didn't have a computer.

Well, yesterday she was sending an email. She was trying to ask when her exit interview was being conducted. She kept saying it was an exit and I kept asking her if it was an exit interview that she was referring to. After trying to explain what I was saying a few times, I finally asked her if her office conducted exit interviews. She told me that they did and asked me how to spell it. I thought she meant interview. Ater taking the time to spell the word slowly, she said, "No, not that. How do you spell exit?". My co-worker said that I should 've given her the incorrect spelling. He said, "They are firing her anyway. They know that she can't spell!"

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pet Rooster

No, the title isn't a mistake. While walking to the library this morning, I saw a rooster strutting along the edge of the grass. As I got closer, I realized that there was a homemade leash attached to the rooster.
When I entered the library, I asked one of the security officers if the man with the pet rooster is a regular. I found out that he is a regular patron and the rooster's name is Champ.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

It began this past Monday morning

We open at 10am on Mondays. I was at the reference desk with my supervisor. I answered the telephone, the patron stated that she couldn't hear me and asked that I speak louder.

I said, "GENERAL COLLECTIONS DEPARTMENT, MAY I HELP YOU?"The patron said, "NO YOU MAY NOT, F*CK YOU!" Then she hung up.

My supervisor asked, "Did they have a question?" I told him what happened and he replied, "Well, I guess that's how our week will go."

Tuesday afternoon, this man walked pass the reference desk cursing like, well, you know. He then returned to the desk and asked me what happened to the truck with books that were in the biography section on Monday. I told him that the books had probably been shelved.

He told me that I was wrong, because it was too many books. He then said, "The were about celebrities." I told him that he was on the wrong floor, because celebrity biographies are in the Art & Music Department. He had the nerve to tell me that I was wrong. I said once again, slowly, "You want the Art&Music Department on the 4th floor, you are on the 3rd floor." He replied, "YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT, I'M ON THE WRONG FLOOR!"Wednesday, a patron decided that he wanted to argue with me about one of the library rules.

He asked me,(while standing two rows away) what the minimum number you could have for your library card pin. I told him one. He told me, "NO, YOU'RE WRONG, IT'S MORE THAN THAT!" I repeated myself. He then put up his hand as if dismissing me.

Holiday/Winter and the library

We usually start to notice a change just before Thanksgiving, or the weekend after. The regulars start to fade away. There are fewer patrons in the evening. This year has been a little different.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, it was CROWDED. It seemed as if no one wanted to leave. There were quite a few new faces who have now become regulars.

As I'm typing this, I realize that it may have a lot to do with that new Sit/Lie Law that passed.

I've seen some mentally ill, that I haven't seen in months.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Why did my day have to end like that

Mr. TIGER BAL.M himself chose to approach me at the reference desk. He mumbles and I couldn't understand half of what he was asking. I told him to write down whatever it was that he was looking for. He admitted that he should have asked for it downstairs, because it's probably fiction.

I finally found the book that he was looking, translated into English and it is fiction. Fiction is on the first floor, where he came from. I told him this and he argued with me about why there was probably a copy on the 3rd Floor. I finally stopped him in the middle of his rant and said, "I can't understand half of what you are saying, so quit talking to me and go look for your book!"

He then asked me what the largest country is in Africa, I told him I didn't know. He then said, "Why not, haven't you been there?" I told him no. He then asked me, "Why not?" I said, "Why haven't you been there, you're the one with all of the questions?" He then said, "Oh, you haven't been there because of money. I haven't been anywhere."

He then starts with me about the dictionaries. He asked me where the dictionaries are. I began telling him where they were and he yelled, "OH YEAH, YEAH, I KNOW!" I said, "If you know everything, why are you asking me?" Once again, he started up, talking about the size of dictionary he wanted. I told him that he better leave me alone, because I was done talking to him because he wasn't speaking clearly anyway.

When he finally left, my co-worker said, "He always has to be correct, even if he's wrong and you show him the answer written in black and white. Then he has to have the last word."

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Not one of those days, one of those weeks

There's a woman who visits our floor occasionally. If anyone corrects her or asks her to move, she's writing a complaint form about their behavior. I've been the victim of her rant before. She fills the complaint form from top to bottom, on both sides. There is so much writing that you'll give yourself a headache trying to read it.

Sunday, another regular came to the reference desk and complained that he had booked a computer and she was sitting at it. Since this has happened numerous times with this woman, I asked her if she had booked that computer in advance. She said yes, so I told her that I would check the other patron's library card. I checked his library card and he had written down the wrong information. His computer for that time slot was on another floor.

I went on to help someone else. While on my way back to the reference desk, I noticed the woman sitting at the laptop table. She rolled her eyes at me(which is normal behavior if she is complaining about you,) as I walked past her.

Yesterday, I noticed her complaint form about me at the reference desk. It hadn't been turned in yet, so I don't know if management has stopped submitting her complaints.


I had to have security escort a drunk man out of the library.

As he walked toward the computers, I noticed that he was swaying. When he decided on a computer; as he made an attempt to sit in the chair, he fell. He stayed on the floor for a minute and another patron helped him into the chair(I was calling security to escort him out.)

When security arrived, they smelled his water bottle. They then asked him if he had been drinking. He said, wait for it..............."YEP, ALL DAY, EXCEPT WHILE IN THE LIBRARY!"


One of my co-workers who is on a scheduled vacation, called in sick. One of the floor supervisors who is also on a scheduled vacation was today's Reference Desk rotation.