Thursday, January 31, 2008

What's been keeping me busy

For the past two weeks, my co-worker and I have been working on catching a couple. We were talking a while back and we compared notes. There is a couple that come here everyday(what's new,) and stay online.

I've mentioned this before, each person is allowed 1 hr. per day, unless they are using the 15 min. express stations.

Well, I would notice them using the computers by the staff elevator whenever I went outside. I guess they noticed me watching them, because they began switching up their routine. My co-worker said that he had noticed the same thing.

I began tracking the guy through the library online security system. When I told him about his identification theft once, he tried to challenge me. I decided to let it go because the computer time was almost up. I waited to see if he would use a third person's I.D., but he didn't that time.

I alerted my supervisor and he began a file on them. Yesterday was a bit of a breakthrough. I caught the female on the internet during a time when she shouldn't have been. She had hacked into the system. Since she exited the system and the floor without any problems, we just put the documentation into the folder.

What's so funny about this whole situation is that we usually have this problem with children. We suspect that they have multiple library cards also.

Monday, January 28, 2008

I was tagged

I don't know if there is a title to this tag.

1. At what age do you wish to marry?

I honestly thought that I would marry by the age of 35, but that didn't happen.

2. What color do you like most?

Most times, ice blue

3. Where is the place that you want to go the most?


4. Which part of you do you hate the most?

I don't always go with my gut instinct.

5. When you encounter a sad moment, what do you do?

I am usually reflective for a while, I may speak about it, but I usually just get over it.

6. What are you afraid to lose the most?

Like b.good, my health

7. If you win $1 million, what would you do?

Pay down my mortgage, pay off my equity line, and purchase another home.

8. How did you celebrate the New Year?

I haven't celebrated the New Year in about 20 years. When I would go out in the past,
something would always happen (Shootings, Fights, Stabbings, etc.)

9. Til now, what is the moment that you regret the most?

Settling, when I purchased my first home.

10. Which type of person do you hate the most?

Once again, I have to second what b.good said. Liars and bullshitters.

11. What is your ambition?

I had hopped to be a City Librarian one day. The longer I stay in this profession, the more
I want to become self-employed.

12. If you had one wish what would you wish for?

I wish that my previous relationship hadn't turned into a lawsuit.

13. Name one of your body parts your hubby or boyfriend tells you he adores:

I don't have either. A former boyfriend used to tell me that he loved my forehead.

14. What is the best gift that you can give someone this year?

I might stop giving out gifts this year.

15. List two things you have vowed to stop doing forever:

a) giving folks the benefit of the doubt.
b) perming my hair--so far, it's been 2 1/2 years

16. What do you need to do this year in order for you to be happier in life?

I need for dude to settle this lawsuit out of court.

17. What was the best lesson you learned in 2007(be specific)?

Sometimes you have to use the clout that you have in order to get
your desired results. Doctors brushed off my complaints until I sought
a second opinion from my brother. He then got the ball rolling and made
them find out what was really happening with my leg.

18. In this very moment, are yo doing what you thought you'd be doing at this stage in your
I thought that I would be working in this field, but I never thought that I would work in
a public library.

19. If you could do over any moment or decision in your life, what would it be?

To continue what was said in response to #9. I would have purchased a home
that I loved in a location that I loved the first time around.

20. What current life decision is troubling you the most?

Where do I want to move to next and how can I make it happen.

I am now supposed to tag 8-10 people, but it's not going to happen. If any of you decide to take this on, here are the rules.
Remove 1 question from above, and add in your personal question, make it a
total of 20 questions, then tag 8-10 people in your list. List the individuals at
the end of your post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been

Can you tell that I don't do chain letters or e-mails?

I heard some children talking

I heard this voice say, "I'mma tell you how long! It was like 1990, that's how long ago!" When the voices came into sight, it was three boys. They looked to be about 6, 8, and 14 years of age and it was the youngest who had been speaking.

I thought, "Yeah, 1990 would seem like a long time ago to them."

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Patron humor

She may have not meant the statement to be funny, but I found it extremely funny.

Two patrons were standing at the bank of elevators, waiting for one of them to open up.

The woman says to the man, "I know who you are, you are the one who laughs at me everytime
that you see me!!!!" He didn't respond, he just walked toward the

I was sitting at the reference desk and burst into laughter. My co-worker asked me what happened. I explained the scenario to her and she said, "Oh, I know exactly who you are talking
about and proceeded to describe the lady to a t."

What is funny is that both the man and the woman are strange. She walks the floor the whole time that she is here, talking/mumbling to herself. She is short, round, and always slightly hunched over. He is about 5'7", and rail thin. He also walks the floor talking/mumbling to himself whenever he is here. They both use the internet and constantly yell at the computer monitor. I thought neither one of them should have anything to say about the other.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Don't ever wonder why the librarian looks tired!!!

The patron approached the reference desk with an open road atlas in hand. He was looking at the state of Oregon. He said, "I want to know the distance from Seattle to Cannon Beach in Oregon. I don't know how to read maps."

I ask, "What is it that you want me to do."

Patron: "I want to know the distance in miles."

I start the online search. In the middle of the search, the patron says, "I want the driving directions from Seattle to Cannon Beach. Can you print that out for me?"

I did just as he asked. Then........Patron, "I want to search one more item."

I respond, "No, I asked what was it you wanted me to do and I did just that. If you want to locate anything else, consult the road atlas that you have in front of you."

The patron exclaims, "I CAN'T SEE TOO WELL, I CAN'T FIND OLYMPIA."

I told the patron: "You are looking at the state of Oregon, you need to look at the state of Washington."

The patron began to argue with me: "No, it is in Oregon. I know what I am talking about!"

I didn't say anything. I then went to wake up a patron who was sleeping at one of the reference tables.

When I returned to the desk, the patron said, "You are right, I need to look at the state of Washington."
This patron comes in here everyday and goes from librarian to librarian to see how
many online searches each of us will do for him.

Finally, he said to me, "I can't breathe in here, it is something going on with the air in here."

I said, " Maybe you should go outside."

Patron, "Can you breathe in here?"

Me: "Yes."

He finally walked away.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

That woman has added me to the list of those who hate

Yesteray afternoon, I arrived to the reference desk a little early. The rude/bitter librarian was helping a patron, so I relieved the other librarian. When I returned from behind the desk, chic was still helping a patron. As I sit down, I look up and she stopped mid-sentence, looked at the clock and then at me, and then walked away. She didn't say anything to me or the patron. The patron then approached me and asked me to clarify what the other librarian had just told her.

I asked the patron, "Didn't the other librarian explain to you where you need to go?"

Patron, "She just stopped talking and walked away, so I came to ask you."

I showed the patron where she needed to go, and returned to the desk. I looked at the clock and it was 4:58 p.m. I was heated, I wanted to go in the back and confront the librarian about what she had just done her work day ends at 5:00 p.m.) The problem was that me leaving the reference desk would mean that it would have been unattended.

The standard proceedure is that you are not to leave the desk until someone is there to relieve you. It doesn't matter if your work day has ended or not. I wouldn't have had a problem with her leaving if she had told me or asked me if it was okay, but she didn't.

Our supervisor is on vacation and the manager leaves at 5:00 p.m. So, this morning even though I had planned on a mental health day, I forced myself to come to work. I told the manager what happened and have now added my name to the list of librarians who hate this woman.

I told one of my co-workers last week that we need to devise a plan to get her to leave. She isn't doing us any good.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

From the mouth of an addict

A man stumbled up to the desk. He looked at me and stumbled over to the ederly lady who looked like him. He began mumbling something about the railing fell.

She fell right into his trap. What are you saying? Can you show me exactly where this occured? ( Istopped listening, until it seemed as if she believed him.)

I watched them walk away together. He was stumbling and swaying from side to side. The other librarian returned to the desk shortly afterward. She was shaking her head and mumbling that something was wrong with that patron.

She then asks me what she should do. I told her to call security. She didn't take my advice.

10 minutes passed and she tells me that she is going to walk around and check for him because she hadn't seen the patron.

I kept my eyes on the computer screen and told her that he was probably in the reading center in the back corner.

She returned to the desk and reported that the patron had climbed on one of the tables and was sleeping.

The Temporary Part-time As Needed Librarian(who works in this department every week:)
What should I do?

Me: Call security like I told you earlier.

Security comes. As the guard escorts the patron to the elevators, the patron says to the guard, " I just laid down to get a good rest!"

Monday, January 07, 2008

I feel like a broken record today

I found myself repeating the same thing over and over. The first floor is being prepared for the grand re-opening.

These are the questions that were asked at the reference desk

Young Patron: Where are the fiction books?

Old Patron: Why can't I find the book, when it says check the shelf in the catalog?

Everyone in between:
Where are all of the books?

Does that sign mean that I can't browse the books on the first floor?

Can I go downstairs and get the book that I want?

Why are they moving the books?.......You get the picture, the questions went on and
There are signs posted at the end of each stack where the fiction used to reside. The sign basically says that all fiction is in the process of being relocated to the first floor. The books are unavailable for browsing until January 16th.

My response to each question"

All fiction is being moved to the first floor. They are in the process of moving the
remaining sections today. The first floor will open to the public on January 16th.
If you know the title of the book, you can request and it will be pulled and placed on
the hold shelves for you. It will be easier if the title you want can be found at one of
the branches.
Even if the patron was standing directly behind someone I gave that statement, they would then approach the desk and ask....................So I would have to repeat the statement all over again. My co-workers were doing the exact same thing.

****Yes, O.Diva, this is an instance where "READING IS FUNDAMENTAL."

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Playas in the library

This dude approached me at the desk and said he was looking for his friend. He said, "You may know who he is, he has come up to you and asked you numerous questions whenever he is here."

My response, "Nope! Who doesn't come up here asking numerous questions?"

I asked him if he had looked on the other floors. He said, "His favorite floor is this one and he isn't answering his cell phone."

Next dude asked me, "Do you know where the PLAYAS SPOT is in the library?"

I said, " in the corner in the back."

He said, "You got the corner in the back part right, but it's on the 5th floor."

I asked him if he had looked for his friend on the 5th floor. He told me his friend wasn't a PLAYA, he only thinks that he is.

My co-workers let the drama from '07 merge into the new year

It began the week before Christmas. I heard through the grapevine that two women had words. Around December 26th, one was complaining about the other using her cell phone. Now the one complaining was rude and out of line, I will agree with that one. The rude librarian is consistent in her funky attitude, she gives patrons and her co-workers the same treatment.

Sunday, my boss suddenly changes the desk schedules for this week because two people simply can't work together. See, this is the problem the rude librarian doesn't always give patrons the correct information because she is too lazy to search for the correct answers or she is just confident that what she says is right. Well Saturday, one of the librarians who is feed up with her mess called her on it, in front of a patron. Attitudes have been on and poppin since.

Monday arrives and I am stuck on the desk with the rude librarian. Our supervisor brought a patron over and asked that she help with computer access. This heffa sat at the reference desk and yelled the instructions to the patron..........The next patron approaches and I don't know what was said, but she told the patron to ask me. It was a flash drive issue and I simply told the patron to bring it to me and I would print out her document. In the middle of dealing with that issue........she sent another patron my way.

The first patron ended up asking the third patron for help because I was busy.......She said extra loud, "I DON'T KNOW WHY THAT LADY IS WORKING THE DESK, BECAUSE SHE IS NO HELP WHATSOEVER!" Ol girl didn't even blink an eye, she just keep surfing real estate on the net.
I asked the rude librarian what the third patron wanted and she told me," Oh, something about cut and paste. I told her to ask you." I went over to the patron and helped her. On my way back to the desk, I helped the first patron once again.

As I was showing someone else how to use the online catalog, the patron with the flash drive issue walked over. She stopped in front of me and said, "Thank you so much, that other Librarian was..." I stopped her and said, " I know, I know." At that point, I had been hearing about her stank attitude too much for one hour.

It is now four librarians who have requested not to be scheduled to work the reference desk at the same time as the rude librarian. I feel so sorry for the librarian who does the daily reference desk schedules.