Thursday, January 31, 2008

What's been keeping me busy

For the past two weeks, my co-worker and I have been working on catching a couple. We were talking a while back and we compared notes. There is a couple that come here everyday(what's new,) and stay online.

I've mentioned this before, each person is allowed 1 hr. per day, unless they are using the 15 min. express stations.

Well, I would notice them using the computers by the staff elevator whenever I went outside. I guess they noticed me watching them, because they began switching up their routine. My co-worker said that he had noticed the same thing.

I began tracking the guy through the library online security system. When I told him about his identification theft once, he tried to challenge me. I decided to let it go because the computer time was almost up. I waited to see if he would use a third person's I.D., but he didn't that time.

I alerted my supervisor and he began a file on them. Yesterday was a bit of a breakthrough. I caught the female on the internet during a time when she shouldn't have been. She had hacked into the system. Since she exited the system and the floor without any problems, we just put the documentation into the folder.

What's so funny about this whole situation is that we usually have this problem with children. We suspect that they have multiple library cards also.


Jazzy said...

these people obviously have waaaaaaaay too much time on their hands.

what exactly are they doing on the computer that they need to risk being banned from the library for good?

Nexgrl said...

When I check up on him, he is playing online crossword. She was playing online games. I believe people who are that creative need to get jobs. To obtain multiple cards, you have to have valid picture identification.