Thursday, January 03, 2008

My co-workers let the drama from '07 merge into the new year

It began the week before Christmas. I heard through the grapevine that two women had words. Around December 26th, one was complaining about the other using her cell phone. Now the one complaining was rude and out of line, I will agree with that one. The rude librarian is consistent in her funky attitude, she gives patrons and her co-workers the same treatment.

Sunday, my boss suddenly changes the desk schedules for this week because two people simply can't work together. See, this is the problem the rude librarian doesn't always give patrons the correct information because she is too lazy to search for the correct answers or she is just confident that what she says is right. Well Saturday, one of the librarians who is feed up with her mess called her on it, in front of a patron. Attitudes have been on and poppin since.

Monday arrives and I am stuck on the desk with the rude librarian. Our supervisor brought a patron over and asked that she help with computer access. This heffa sat at the reference desk and yelled the instructions to the patron..........The next patron approaches and I don't know what was said, but she told the patron to ask me. It was a flash drive issue and I simply told the patron to bring it to me and I would print out her document. In the middle of dealing with that issue........she sent another patron my way.

The first patron ended up asking the third patron for help because I was busy.......She said extra loud, "I DON'T KNOW WHY THAT LADY IS WORKING THE DESK, BECAUSE SHE IS NO HELP WHATSOEVER!" Ol girl didn't even blink an eye, she just keep surfing real estate on the net.
I asked the rude librarian what the third patron wanted and she told me," Oh, something about cut and paste. I told her to ask you." I went over to the patron and helped her. On my way back to the desk, I helped the first patron once again.

As I was showing someone else how to use the online catalog, the patron with the flash drive issue walked over. She stopped in front of me and said, "Thank you so much, that other Librarian was..." I stopped her and said, " I know, I know." At that point, I had been hearing about her stank attitude too much for one hour.

It is now four librarians who have requested not to be scheduled to work the reference desk at the same time as the rude librarian. I feel so sorry for the librarian who does the daily reference desk schedules.


Tenacious said...

Seems like someone need to check that attitude at the door...ugh I can't imagine working with someone like that...oh wait I did...never mind

@ N

I need to pass some '08 ass whoopings over to you...working that may need it :)

Nexgrl said...

I have shut her down so much. She will start complaining about nonsense and I will give her a one syllable answer or tune her out.
Ex.....She was complaining about her commute costs rising effective Jan. 1, 08....I told her I don't like to commute, so I live in the same city where I work.

I am not worrried about giving her an ass whooping. The two women who are angry with her are trying to set up a meeting with her and management. Chick works part-time and complains like she is here 40 hrs per wk.

Jazzy said...

I absolutely hate for a lazy person to send work MY way while they bull shyt around. I would have had to "have words" with chick too.

Nexgrl said...

She and I aren't even on speaking terms. It is ice cold on the desk when we are scheduled together----silence and everything.