Friday, July 27, 2012

The Good News, The Bad News, and everything else

The Good News: THEY'VE FINALLY HIRED A NEW MANAGER FOR THE SECOND BRANCH THAT I'VE BEEN MANAGING FOR THE PAST EIGHT MONTHS!! The Bad News: I HAVE TO TRAIN THIS NEW MANAGER :( Everything else: Last week, one of the employees that I manage told me that she likes how my hair looks when I wear it flat ironed. She added that it looks more professional that way. This week, I broke it down to her. I explained that what she said to me and the way in which she said it would have caused another person to curse her out. Because I knew that her statements came out of ignorance, I took the time to explain why what she said was offensive. Back story: My hair has been relaxer free for about 7 or 8 years. I wear it in it's natural state 98% of the time(Kinky/Curly.) The other 2% of the time, it is blow dryed and flat ironed because I have gone to the salon to have it colored and trimmed. The employee appologized and said that she didn't realize what she said was offensive. I told her that she now knows, so hopefully she won't make the same mistake again.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

My quarterly Sunday

This past Sunday, I arrived to my assigned branch 10 minutes early. As the Acting HBIC, you have to send an email out to all of the branch libraries by 12noon. I didn't receive any problem call from the other branches. The problem was with the branch were I was assigned. I was the only one there. The only reason that I was able to send the email out in time, was because the custodian just happened to still be in the branch when I arrived. This is the same branch were the manager sent me an email 5 days before I was scheduled to be there, talking about don't be late(In January.) I haven't spoken to her since receiving that email. I could understand if she was my District Manager, but she's the same classification as me. She's a bit confussed because for a few months, they had her in the position of a temporary district manager. Even then, she wasn't my district manager. I didn't even work in the branches during her reign as District Manager. I worked with a different staff, the last time that I was there. I must remember not to chose this particular staff's rotation. Everyone was 10 or more minutes late to work. I got to work with the librarian who mistook me for someone beneath her the last time that I worked with her. I was at the desk when she arrived. She said, "Oh, AND YOU ARE?" I said, "Your acting chief of branches today." She tried to play it off, "And your name is?" I played along with her for a little while, and gave her my name, I even gave her a brief rundown of everywhere that I've worked in the system. I already don't like the manager at that branch, but that part-time entry level librarian is just too much.