Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I was in a rush.......

I had been in a meeting from 9:00 a.m. until about 1:05 p.m. I was scheduled to be on the reference desk at 2:00 p.m. I wanted to eat lunch. I decided to purchase a bag of chips from Wal*reens, and a sandwich from Sub*ay. Everything was going well, until the woman ahead of me began to order. She was ordering 7 sandwiches, each one,a special order. I finally left the shop at 1:35 p.m. I was trying to rush back to work...........

1st obstacle: 5 feet from the Su*way, a man shook an empty cup at me and demanded,

I said while shaking my head, " NO!"

2nd obstacle: Not 5 feet from the first obstacle. A man came walking toward me
fast. He had on a shirt that was straining to be set free. His
sweatpants waistband was stretched, almost to the breaking point.
His stomach was wedged in between the shirt and the pants. He had
his hand outstretched while walking toward me.


I said, "Um, NO(while chringing at the same time!)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You can miss a lot in the span of two days

June 13th:
A father/son duo beat a man in the mens restroom. The victim's crime---he refused to give up his i*od. The father escaped and left his son to take the fall.
More lice were detected on the 5th floor. I guess the lice are "moving on up."

June 14th:
A woman reported that she had to break a chair leg and use it to defend herself. It has been said that she used the chair leg to beat a male paton in the head. The woman said she feared for her life and had to defend herself. The alledged attacker wasn't ever captured. The bloody chair leg can be seen in the security office.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Black Star Power

There was a woman walking into the building in front of me this morning. I did notice that she had on new Ba*y P*at Jeans,a red short sleeved jacket, with some kind of red shirt. What threw me off, was the busted slingback flats. I remembered where I was, and kept it moving.

The above mentioned woman, stopped to greet one of the security guards and proceeded to walk toward the elevators.

As I was walking to toward the elevators, I said a silent prayer that I would have the luxury of an empty car. No such luck. The Lady in red spotted the same elevator that I had my eye on. Behind her, followed three very strange looking and smelling patrons.

So, I entered the elevator, pressed the button for my floor and proceeded to wait for the car to move.

What it is that I saw out of the corner of my eye ( because the side of my face was burning,) ol' girl was staring at me hard. She was checking me from head to toe. She was still staring when I exited the elevator. She saw my badge, so she knew that I work here. What was the problem you might ask, my outfit looks better than old girl without even trying. Chocolate Gold 2" Hoops, Chocolate Brown Scoop Neck Top, Wide Leg Jeans, Burberry Wedge Thong Espadrills, Brown Marc Jacobs Hobo, Brown Marc Jacobs shades, last but not least my hair is a hot red curly fro. If looks could freeze frame, that would have been me forevevr stuck in the public elevator #2.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It has taken 10 days since they were first detected, but...........

To All Main Staff:

As part of lice cleanup, IT staff is at this moment removing computers from the tables on the fourth floor where lice were sighted.

To be prudent, IT staff will don white tyvek body suits and gloves, since they will have to work closely around the tables. I am informing you of this to avoid any concerns that the presence of staff in tyvek suits indicates a toxic spill or other chemical emergency. It does not! The body suits and gloves are simply a precaution against the possibility of a crawling bug.

Removing the computer equipment will allow our staff and Pestec, our pest control subcontractor, to really saturate the tables with disinfectant. On top of this, Pestec will steam clean the tables this evening after closing. We’ll continue monitoring the area and will let you know as soon as the problem is cleared up.

The computers and related equipment will be bagged and quarantined for a long enough period to ensure that the bugs are dead, before the equipment goes back in service.

Thank you.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What the 4th floor isn't telling

Last week, I learned that a group of public computers on the 4th floor have an infestation of lice.........HOW DID I LEARN OF THIS YOU MIGHT ASK?????

One of the staff members on the 4th floor sent an e-mail to the woman who sits behind me, detailing the problem. My co-worker shared the information with me and I asked her why they hadn't shared that information with the whole building.

Their excuse: They didn't want the whole building in a STATE OF PANICK!!!!!

Today, I learned that one of their managers finally thought to share their problem with the woman who heads the whole library.

Now, the 4th is unavailable to the public.

Monday, June 09, 2008

It's hot here today and that doesn't happen oftern

Hot for my city is 78 degrees. I know that's probably cool for some of you, but it's hot for us. A few weeks ago, when it was in the 90's, one of my co-workers summed the situation for our city up in this manner.

He said, " When it gets hot here, people seem to wear the strangest items of clothing. It may have been in style and cute at one point in time. Since they don't get a chance to wear it often, it has remained in their closet. We see all types of bodies exposed that should not ever see the light of day."

For Example: We have a man who wears swim trunks, a jacket unzipped to the waist(chest exposed,) knee high tube socks and tennis shoes. He will walk around in here all day.

Update: Yesterday's highest temperature was 85 degrees.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Management's response to Ben and his family members

To All Staff:

You may be familiar with Laura Numeroff’s famous children’s book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

Well, we have a similar story to tell about our library facilities, but it goes something like this: If you give a mouse a cookie, or the old baloney sandwich you left on your work station, the Doritos in your desk drawer, the pizza crust in the staff kitchen sink, or the leftover cake from the staff party, the mouse will inform all his or her mousie friends, who will all move into your office space, eat the food, and have large mousie families. At which point there will probably be a lot of mice, and a lot of staff “Eeeeking!” Followed by phone calls to Custodial and Engineering.

The only reason mice enter libraries is to eat. Staff have not observed mice reading or using computers yet.

What You Can Do:
1. Keep ALL your food in HARD containers. No exceptions. Mice will eat right through plastic bags. Hard plastic Tupperware containers will work, metal is best, and tight lids that keep odors in are good.
2. Do NOT leave open food in your desk drawers. The mice will get in there.
3. Be sure to clean up after staff parties, do not leave food out at night.
4. Wipe down counters and sinks in staff kitchen areas.
5. Clean microwaves and toasters!
6. If you see a food mess that is too much to deal with, please notify your custodian or call the custodial office for clean up at 4376, or 4377.
7. If you notice a recurring problem area, please also file a reqform with Custodial on Staffnet.
8. Do report all mouse sightings.

What Facilities Does:
1. Engineering and Custodial keep a written log of phone calls, emails, and reqforms regarding mice.
2. The above problems are reported to the City approved pest control contractor, Pestec.
3. Pestec services the Main weekly, or more frequently when required, and 190 and branches as needed, plus spot checks at all facilities to look for undetected activity.
4. Custodial has redeployed custodians to increase the amount of trash picked up before closing.
5. Custodial has also increased efforts to tidy problem areas, including the Main trash compactor.
6. We do our best to respond to your requests for pest service, and we value your suggestions in controlling this problem.

FYI -The City has legislation requiring Integrated Pest Management (which Pestec conforms to). The legislation is the CITY AND COUNTY ENVIRONMENT CODE Codified through Ord. No. 52-08, File Number 071672, approved March 21, 2008.

Facilities Director

Monday, June 02, 2008

I've been adopted

One of the custodians who regularly services our floor has decided to make me his new friend.

Last week, I had a bag of cookies on my desk( I had made some Macadamia Chocolate Chip cookies,) and he spied them as he was emptying the recycle cans. He said(not asked,) "LET ME HAVE ONE OF THOSE!" I said, "They could be NASTY!" He said, "I trust you, you're clean!" Yes, the cookies were good, but I just couldn't believe that he asked for one. I only had two left, so he proceeded to eat the one I gave him at my desk.

This afternoon, he entered through the door near my cubicle. He said, "I guess that I should look at those bathrooms." I said, "Yeah, they're probably nasty right about now." He then said, "I can't believe some people go days with out cleaning the bathrooms. I am going to start taking pictures." I said, "Put them on BLAST!" His response was, "I'm going to put the pictures on the internet!"