Monday, June 02, 2008

I've been adopted

One of the custodians who regularly services our floor has decided to make me his new friend.

Last week, I had a bag of cookies on my desk( I had made some Macadamia Chocolate Chip cookies,) and he spied them as he was emptying the recycle cans. He said(not asked,) "LET ME HAVE ONE OF THOSE!" I said, "They could be NASTY!" He said, "I trust you, you're clean!" Yes, the cookies were good, but I just couldn't believe that he asked for one. I only had two left, so he proceeded to eat the one I gave him at my desk.

This afternoon, he entered through the door near my cubicle. He said, "I guess that I should look at those bathrooms." I said, "Yeah, they're probably nasty right about now." He then said, "I can't believe some people go days with out cleaning the bathrooms. I am going to start taking pictures." I said, "Put them on BLAST!" His response was, "I'm going to put the pictures on the internet!"


Doret said...

This is either going to be ok or really bad. I am leaning towards bad, since he said let me have one of those cookies. You don't ask an almost stranger for food. (home made food at that, and the last two he was trippin) Next time he will probably sit down or forget what personal space is and want to have a long conversations. Hang in for a lest one long convo, it will make a nice blog entry.

Anonymous said...

Ooo, Macadamia Chocolate Chip! He couldn't resist, lol.

Rashan Jamal said...

This is how stalking stories begin. LOL

Introduce him to blogger: is available. LOL

Jazzy said...

LOL @ Rashan

Why in the world would he want to post pictures of a nasty azz library bathroom on the internet?

Weirdo alert!

Nexgrl said...

He has already tried those long personal confersations. I listen to music with headphones while at my desk. Most times I try to give him a hint by not taking out one of the earbuds.
I guess. I try not to leave any food on my desktop anymore.

He won't stalk me. I'm not his type. I just found out that the woman he usually talks to all the time on this floor is on medical leave. He knows about blogger, because he always asks what I'm reading when I am reading blogs. The question is asked while he is close enough to read exactly what is on the screen.
He thinks that bringing attention to the sloppy work ethics of his co-workers will cause them to do better or be fired.