Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You can miss a lot in the span of two days

June 13th:
A father/son duo beat a man in the mens restroom. The victim's crime---he refused to give up his i*od. The father escaped and left his son to take the fall.
More lice were detected on the 5th floor. I guess the lice are "moving on up."

June 14th:
A woman reported that she had to break a chair leg and use it to defend herself. It has been said that she used the chair leg to beat a male paton in the head. The woman said she feared for her life and had to defend herself. The alledged attacker wasn't ever captured. The bloody chair leg can be seen in the security office.


Jazzy said...

what in the fuck is going on at that library???

y'all need SERIOUS security...as in police protection up in there.

defending herself with a friggin chair leg? getting got for your ipod...ALL IN THE LIBRARY??!


Nexgrl said...

I added a picture of the chair. If she was able to break off that leg with her bare hands, she didn't need it.
I agree that we need more of a police presence. One officer obviously isn't cutting it. They say that they are looking to have one more posted here.

So...Wise...Sista said...

Wait...this is for real???

Like whoa...lol

Nexgrl said...

So wise sista
I am sometimes apalled at what goes on in this place. Yes, I'm sad to say, but it's all real.

Doret said...

Who found the lice this time? and where? Did the attacker have a weapon? Do you believe there was an attacker?

Nexgrl said...

I have no idea who found the lice. More than likely, it was a page or a custodian. I don't think it was an attacker. I do believe that there may have been a fight. The room where she was is in a remote corner on the floor(the back of the 970's.)

Mr.Slish said...

all this at the library!.can I get job there sounds like FUN FUN FUN!!!

Nexgrl said...

We have openings all of the time. I bet your main library is just as exciting on a daily basis.