Thursday, June 12, 2008

Black Star Power

There was a woman walking into the building in front of me this morning. I did notice that she had on new Ba*y P*at Jeans,a red short sleeved jacket, with some kind of red shirt. What threw me off, was the busted slingback flats. I remembered where I was, and kept it moving.

The above mentioned woman, stopped to greet one of the security guards and proceeded to walk toward the elevators.

As I was walking to toward the elevators, I said a silent prayer that I would have the luxury of an empty car. No such luck. The Lady in red spotted the same elevator that I had my eye on. Behind her, followed three very strange looking and smelling patrons.

So, I entered the elevator, pressed the button for my floor and proceeded to wait for the car to move.

What it is that I saw out of the corner of my eye ( because the side of my face was burning,) ol' girl was staring at me hard. She was checking me from head to toe. She was still staring when I exited the elevator. She saw my badge, so she knew that I work here. What was the problem you might ask, my outfit looks better than old girl without even trying. Chocolate Gold 2" Hoops, Chocolate Brown Scoop Neck Top, Wide Leg Jeans, Burberry Wedge Thong Espadrills, Brown Marc Jacobs Hobo, Brown Marc Jacobs shades, last but not least my hair is a hot red curly fro. If looks could freeze frame, that would have been me forevevr stuck in the public elevator #2.


Doret said...

Wearing Marc Jacob shades to a public libray, now that's diva. Maybe homegirl just wanted some fashion tips.

My biggest work fear is getting stuck in the elevator with a customer I don't like and having to go to the bathroom.

Nexgrl said...

Doret, I'm usually at my desk, if I'm not on the reference desk. Most people don't realize that I work here.

I hate riding the public elevators,but the staff elevators are always breaking down. I try to limit my public elevator exposure to once per day.

Jazzy said...

I never understand why people hate on what someone is's so silly and childish.

Nexgrl said...

It's very childish. Ol' girl was posted at the door talking to the security guard when I entered the building. She got to see that is normal for me, nothing special.

Anonymous said...

Well get 'em girl!

And LOL @ the "public" vs "staff" elevators. I guess its more than necessary at your workplace. And considering this incident, I understand why.

Nexgrl said...

Public vs. Staff elevators is a matter of smell and cleanliness.