Tuesday, November 16, 2010

And the beat goes..............

This afternoon, I was informed that the man from the Monday October 25, 2010 story was suspended from the library for three days yesterday.

Get this, he was so wasted that he forgot and the floor manager saw him wandering the floor with his eyes closed today. His suspension was extended today, he is now banned for 7 days.

I told the floor manager that he probably won't remember today, and will return to the library tomorrow.

Monday, November 15, 2010

What is it about Mondays?

I wasn't at work last Monday, but they had another unresponsive drunk. They said he was breathing, they just weren't able to wake him from his vodk.a induced slumber.

Today, a page alerted the librarians to two men who were seen chugging a bottle. When I arrived at the reference desk, I didn't catch them. I just kept giving them the evil eyes. After 15 minutes of this, they made their way to the elevators. There was a black plastic bag in the hand of one of them(the type given at the liquor store.)

I've been watching you all day and..........

You haven't done any work all day.

That's what a patron said to me after she dropped a stack of books and her library card in front of me at the reference desk. I told her that if she wanted to checkout her books, she would have to do so at the self checkout or with a clerk on the 1st floor. That's when she told me that whole mess about watching me. If she really had been watching me, she would have seen that I had just returned to the reference desk. I had just shown a patron how to use the self checkout machine.

I was so tired of kooky people yesterday, I didn't even argue. I said, "I'm sorry that's not something that is done at the reference desk.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This has been my luck for the past few days


I was locked out of my car with my purse and cell phone inside, while the car was on. I had gotten out to make sure that I was not blocking the cross walk and close enough to the curve(I had parked downhill.) A breeze and the door closed. I then heard a click click, which meant the car was being locked(there's a electrical problem going on.)


After work, I went to visit my Mom. I arrived home and realized that my door/gate keys were inside, where I had left them the night before. I called my Mom, to see if she had her keys to the gate with her and went back to the hospital to get them.


While on my way home to drop my car off, I was rear ended. The guy who hit me kept apologizing, and saying that he didn't see the cars stopped. We were on a street that has parking lot traffic 24/7. He then gave me bogus car insurance information. Luckily, I had taken a picture of his license plate.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Odd things from the library

There is an old man who comes to my floor everyday, sits down, takes off his shoes and proceeds to rub tige.r bal.m on his feet and legs. He had the nerve to get offended when he was informed that he must keep his shoes on, when in the library. The security guard even said, "Or you can just do that in the bathroom, but not out in the open area."

The telephone number in the government information department has been changed. Instead of obtaining the new number, our operators simply transfer the calls to the general collections department(my department.) Yesterday, I finally took it upon myself to call another department on the same floor and ask them to find out what the new extension is. When I answered the telephone yesterday, the patron said, "I asked to be transferred to government information, YOU AREN'T THAT DEPARTMENT!"

Almost a week later

The San Francisco Gia.nts Celebration was a nightmare. The end of the parade route was across the street from my building. When I got to work, there was no in and out of the building. You were taking your chances, if you did. There are three public entrance/exits, and one staff entrance/exit. Two of the public entrance/exits were closed because of the crowd.

When the crowd discovered that our building was open, some of them had the bright idea to look out of the windows on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors. I went to the 5th floor for my normal Wednesday 1-3pm shift, and one whole side of the floor was standing room only. People were listening to the speeched on their radios. The only instruction from management, was to monitor the crowds.

When I left work at 7:00 p.m., there were still people lingering. Police cruisers were driving up and down the streets four deep.

If I didn't have to work that day, I wouldn't have been anywhere near that place.