Monday, November 08, 2010

Odd things from the library

There is an old man who comes to my floor everyday, sits down, takes off his shoes and proceeds to rub tige.r bal.m on his feet and legs. He had the nerve to get offended when he was informed that he must keep his shoes on, when in the library. The security guard even said, "Or you can just do that in the bathroom, but not out in the open area."

The telephone number in the government information department has been changed. Instead of obtaining the new number, our operators simply transfer the calls to the general collections department(my department.) Yesterday, I finally took it upon myself to call another department on the same floor and ask them to find out what the new extension is. When I answered the telephone yesterday, the patron said, "I asked to be transferred to government information, YOU AREN'T THAT DEPARTMENT!"

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