Tuesday, November 16, 2010

And the beat goes..............

This afternoon, I was informed that the man from the Monday October 25, 2010 story was suspended from the library for three days yesterday.

Get this, he was so wasted that he forgot and the floor manager saw him wandering the floor with his eyes closed today. His suspension was extended today, he is now banned for 7 days.

I told the floor manager that he probably won't remember today, and will return to the library tomorrow.


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

How is he getting through the doors? Security should be stopping the drunks from entering right? The library here has one entrance and you have to go through a turnstyle. I don't see as much riff raff inside as I do outside anymore.

Nexgrl said...

There are 3 public entrance/exits and only 1 of them has security gates and a guard at most times. Someone should be there at all times; but um yeah, like that's going to happen.
Thankfully, they finally took the guy's picture yesterday.
We have what you call riff raff inside and outside all day, like this is their place of business.