Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yoga Pants & or sweat pants for librarians

There is a manager who has on black yoga pants EVERY time I see her. She usually pairs them with a sweater set. I'm so confused when I see her. Does she really think it's okay to make yoga pants part of your work attire?

There is a part-time Children's Librarian who wears thick cotton sweat pants with the elastic waistband. They are so tight (picture leggings.). I wonder how she is able to breathe.

Day 2 of my work week

I have to substitute at my own branch library today & tomorrow. The librarian who normally works today, has jury duty. The librarian who works on Thursdays was in a bicycle accident.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Things are forever changing with my schedule

Due to the librarian shortages in the library system in which I work, I did not train the new manager this past Saturday. Instead, I was sent to cover for a branch manager who stated on Friday, that she would be too sick to work on Saturday. There was a program and two scheduled community meetings at her branch that day. I was supposed to train the new manager again tomorrow, but that's a scheduled vacation day for me. What does this mean? I'm not scheduled to report to a location this Wednesday. I have to call my district manager tomorrow, to find out where they've decided to place me. Change is good, and promotions are better, but sometimes I think that I would have been better off in my old position. This constant schedule/location change is for the birds.