Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I see strange people

This is a given when at work, but it happens on the bus, while walking downtown, or while on my way to the p*st o*ffice. Last Thursday, while walking to the post office, I saw this lady. I wasn't able to get a good picture. I think my shock had a lot to do with it. She looked like the living version of L*ttle B*Peep.

She had pigtails, tied with little black bows. There were black sheep on her skirt, which had a crinoline, with patent leather mary janes. I snapped the picture while I was crossing the street.

Monday, September 20, 2010

if I've said this before, please forgive me in advance


What brought on this confession, you ask?

A librarian called in sick today. We are short staffed on Mondays, because some of the librarians don't work. They have a Tuesday - Saturday schedule.

So the old grumpy part-time complained because she was scheduled to work 4 desk hours and everyone else got 3.5

She whined until my supervisor volunteered to work the extra hour.

I'm usually the one who receives the short end of the scheduling stick. I, on the other hand don't complain. I know Mondays are tight and it's hard to make sure everyone is treated fairly.

Monday, September 13, 2010

This past Sunday

There was a man walking around with a stack of blank payroll checks.

He said they wouldn't cash his personal check at the check cashing place. They told him that the only accept payroll checks. He said that he wanted to type his own payroll checks. He then began talking about having just completed shooting a film. I told him that he couldn't use his personal paper in the library printers.

About 5 minutes later, he came back talking about having $400 in the bank that he couldn't access until Monday.

I told him to try kin*os.

What a day

An old woman stopped at the reference desk and stared. I asked her if she needed help.

She said, "I guess they're changing things around here!"

I said, "In reference to what?"

She then said, "Like you! You haven't worked here long, because I've never seen you!"

I said, "Yes, I've been here for a while."

She told me, "WELL, I'VE NEVER SEEN YOU BEFORE; SO YOU'RE NEW!!". She continued to mumble this over and over, as she walked, while pushing a walker.

A man who is a regular approached me a the reference shortly after the incident above.

He said, "You must be new, because I've never seen you before."

I said, "I've been here for a while."

17 minutes before closing, a young goy approached me at the reference desk and saidn "I want a book that tells me where all of the ports in the U.S. are."

He told me that it's very important to know where all of the ports are. He went on to tell me how he didn't trust new information and he only wanted old books.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Just when I think I have them figured out

The crazies that is. I've got the 3rd floor regulars locked in my memory. I now have to recognize and remember the 5th floor regulars.

This afternoon, after spending 20 minutes search for information on a topic that a patron gave me, the other librarian at the desk informed me that she is one of the disturbed regulars. He said, " Oh, she always gives you these crazy subjects that don't match anything and wants you to find articles."

I was able to find something, but it didn't match everything that she had written. It was a blog post, but the author had cited his sources. It was 15 pages long and I wasn't printed all of it. I printed 5 pages of the post, and 2 pages of the citations.

The other librarians seemed to be surprised that her jumbled subjects were actually part of a story.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

She is finally leaving

They are saying that she's retiring, but how can you retire from a job where you've only been employed for three years?

They gave her a "Retirement Party" yesterday and I chose not to attend. My co-worker said I was being mean. Why should I attend a party in honor of someone who annoys me? I'm also glad that she's leaving.

Her voice sound like finger nails scraping a chalkboard. I hate being anywhere nearby whenever she is speaking. I wouldn't be able to hide my facial expressions in a room full of people.

I found out this past Tuesday that the lady is 72. Now I understand why she found every excuse available to explain why she couldn't finish shelving books.

It has happened again

Let me start by saying that I was not at the reference desk when this occured(thankfully.)

The one who's always calling in sick was. She told me what happened later in the day.

A patron approached her at the reference desk. He told that it was the second time that this has happened to him at the same computer terminal. He gave her a bed bug. He then said that he would check his home, to make sure that it's not HIS problem.

My response: It might just be his problem because a lot of people use that computer EVERYDAY
and he's the only one reporting a bed bug siting.

After a few hours and many telephone calls, someone from custodial sterilized the area.