Thursday, September 02, 2010

She is finally leaving

They are saying that she's retiring, but how can you retire from a job where you've only been employed for three years?

They gave her a "Retirement Party" yesterday and I chose not to attend. My co-worker said I was being mean. Why should I attend a party in honor of someone who annoys me? I'm also glad that she's leaving.

Her voice sound like finger nails scraping a chalkboard. I hate being anywhere nearby whenever she is speaking. I wouldn't be able to hide my facial expressions in a room full of people.

I found out this past Tuesday that the lady is 72. Now I understand why she found every excuse available to explain why she couldn't finish shelving books.


Drake Sigar said...

How are you still sane?

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

She should be retired! Dang 72????
I had a former supervisor who was 70 but she didn't look it nor act it. I hate her! Ooo the things I could say about her! But this ain't about me!

Anyway, I'm glad somebody that makes work harder for you to come too is leaving. Cheers!
*takes a sip in your honor*