Monday, September 13, 2010

What a day

An old woman stopped at the reference desk and stared. I asked her if she needed help.

She said, "I guess they're changing things around here!"

I said, "In reference to what?"

She then said, "Like you! You haven't worked here long, because I've never seen you!"

I said, "Yes, I've been here for a while."

She told me, "WELL, I'VE NEVER SEEN YOU BEFORE; SO YOU'RE NEW!!". She continued to mumble this over and over, as she walked, while pushing a walker.

A man who is a regular approached me a the reference shortly after the incident above.

He said, "You must be new, because I've never seen you before."

I said, "I've been here for a while."

17 minutes before closing, a young goy approached me at the reference desk and saidn "I want a book that tells me where all of the ports in the U.S. are."

He told me that it's very important to know where all of the ports are. He went on to tell me how he didn't trust new information and he only wanted old books.


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

What???? Bwhahahahaha!!! Funny stuff! Did you change your hair or something?

And clearly an old book would NOT have all the ports if new ones have been added since it's publication. Boy stop!

Nexgrl said...

I'm currently wearing my hair straight. I usually wear it in it's naturally kinky curly state. I'd been wearing it straight off/on for the past month. Last Friday, I had the color retouched and a trim.

Yeah, that young dude was COOK-COO!