Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Well, well, well

I arrived to work this past Sunday morning to find two more book trucks filled with dirty old tired books. The reason for my new blessing was tucked away in the office e-mail. Our floor manager forwarded the minutes from last week's manager's meeting.

Our dear old floor manager told a big one. He announced in the May 21st meeting that our floor had finished processing all of the books in storage. You see, the dear old man is retiring next month and he doesn't anyone to talk about the shape he left this department in. Needless to say, it means that he is pushing work on us without warning.

When I saw the additional trucks, I said, "They could have just thrown these books out!" Spines were gone, broken, and torn badly, beyond repair. The pages were all shades of gray, some even boderline black(you know what that means.)


Unknown said...

What a clever writing style you have. I really like the way you described your not-so-loved items, and the slideshow was brillo. I saw Mud's slideshow yesterday with the spotty tights, and loved that, too.

Jazzy said...

borderline black sounds like a work hazard...just say no...professional of course.

Nexgrl said...

I sent all of those books back, with a note that said please discard. My supervisor then asked me to reevaluate one set of books. So, I removed that set and sent the rest to be thrown in the trash.