Sunday, May 04, 2008

My new quest

Last week, I thought it was a fluke. It happened again today. Now, I am on a mission to find this patron and get them banned from the library.

There is a bank of 5 computers in the back corner of our floor( I am told that a section like this exist on the 5th floor also.) It is a section were the perverts usually hang. A patron approached me Thursday afternoon. She couldn't log onto the computer. I went over there and discovered that the patron who used the computer prior, had disconnected all of the wires. This was annoying more than anything. I reconnected the wires, turned the computer on, and walked away.

Fast forward to today. A patron complained that she couldn't log onto the computer. This time, it looked as if everything was intact, but there was no connection to the server. I submitted a req. form and called a technician. The technician discovered that the ethernet cable had been disconnected and then tangled into the other cables. The technician was frustrated because he first had to untangle the cables, then reconnect them.

The technician advised me to locate the patron and explain the seriousness of the crime. He also said to explain that the patron would be banned if the behavior continued. I told the technician that I was one step ahead of him and had already set the wheels in motion to catch our thoughtful patron.


bglen said...

hey, sis just checkin' in love your blog- sf never changes

Jazzy said...

I'm confused. Why in the world is someone going through all that trouble?

Could it possibly be a kid?

Nexgrl said...

Thank you.

It's a grown a**. Only Adults use that bank of computers during the times that the destruction occurs.