Sunday, January 13, 2008

From the mouth of an addict

A man stumbled up to the desk. He looked at me and stumbled over to the ederly lady who looked like him. He began mumbling something about the railing fell.

She fell right into his trap. What are you saying? Can you show me exactly where this occured? ( Istopped listening, until it seemed as if she believed him.)

I watched them walk away together. He was stumbling and swaying from side to side. The other librarian returned to the desk shortly afterward. She was shaking her head and mumbling that something was wrong with that patron.

She then asks me what she should do. I told her to call security. She didn't take my advice.

10 minutes passed and she tells me that she is going to walk around and check for him because she hadn't seen the patron.

I kept my eyes on the computer screen and told her that he was probably in the reading center in the back corner.

She returned to the desk and reported that the patron had climbed on one of the tables and was sleeping.

The Temporary Part-time As Needed Librarian(who works in this department every week:)
What should I do?

Me: Call security like I told you earlier.

Security comes. As the guard escorts the patron to the elevators, the patron says to the guard, " I just laid down to get a good rest!"


Rashan Jamal said...

Brother was just tryna get a nap, and gets hassled by the man. LOL I'm only kidding. I shouldnt be surprised by any of the crazy stuff that goes down in your library, but for some reason I always am.

Jazzy said...

LOL! Never mind dude. We know what his problem is. What is up with that part-time librarian who works every week. Why is she acting brand new?

Nexgrl said...

I started laughing so hard when dude made that statement. I had to turn my head. Things are crazy here, but I worked at Georgia State Library 11 years ago and it was crazy there also. I think being downtown in a major city has a lot to do with the amount of incidents.
There are two of the TEAN's(PT Lib.) that upset me. They can never seem to remember jack. They float from department to department, but the basics remain the same and they are always asking for help. I often act as if I don't hear them. We are all getting paid to do the same thing, except they are getting away with slacking on a regular. Management is aware of their behavior.

Tenacious said...


All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

nice spot u have here hon, and hope u dont mind the drive by, and do chk me out one day

Anonymous said...

Not laid out on the table, taking a nap. He couldn't sit in a chair and rest his head on the table like everyone else??? LOL

Nexgrl said...

@torrance stephens
Thanks, you are welcome anytime.

Our chairs are wood and extremely uncomfortable. I guess a table seemed more pleasing. Although, we find most laid out on the floor.