Thursday, January 03, 2008

Playas in the library

This dude approached me at the desk and said he was looking for his friend. He said, "You may know who he is, he has come up to you and asked you numerous questions whenever he is here."

My response, "Nope! Who doesn't come up here asking numerous questions?"

I asked him if he had looked on the other floors. He said, "His favorite floor is this one and he isn't answering his cell phone."

Next dude asked me, "Do you know where the PLAYAS SPOT is in the library?"

I said, " in the corner in the back."

He said, "You got the corner in the back part right, but it's on the 5th floor."

I asked him if he had looked for his friend on the 5th floor. He told me his friend wasn't a PLAYA, he only thinks that he is.


B.Good said...

Ummm, lol. The playa's spot in the library......thats a new one for me. But if they say so!

Jazzy said...

Playas spot???? At the library???? LOL!!

My how times have changed.

And these people think you're running a missing person's department???

Tenacious said...

LMAO...Who would have thought the new playas spot is in the library?! please tell me he was a high school student and not a grown man

and I'm with Opinionated....what the hell? yall missing peoples department?

Mr.Slish said...

So what ya saying,...Playa's ain't aloud to

Nexgrl said...

B.Good, O.Diva, & Tenacious
I'm sure that you all have heard of, if not experienced those who think that they are online pimps. Yes, this was a GROWN AZZ MAN! They have found the computers where it is easier to hack. It is usually the ones in a back corner. These are the same computers frequented by those who love po*n.

They are not reading, unless you count reading someone else's library card number and pin.