Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I don't know if I've mentioned this before

The woman who calls the reference desk regarding us(the librarians) correcting her spelling/gramatical errors has been fired.
I know this because two weeks aga she called and asked me to help her with an email. She wanted to know where they wanted her to leave the laptop and her security badge on 12/31.

She forgot a few things when she revealed this to me. I had asked her a few years ago, why she didn't use the spell/grammar check in word. She told me she didn't have a computer.

Well, yesterday she was sending an email. She was trying to ask when her exit interview was being conducted. She kept saying it was an exit and I kept asking her if it was an exit interview that she was referring to. After trying to explain what I was saying a few times, I finally asked her if her office conducted exit interviews. She told me that they did and asked me how to spell it. I thought she meant interview. Ater taking the time to spell the word slowly, she said, "No, not that. How do you spell exit?". My co-worker said that I should 've given her the incorrect spelling. He said, "They are firing her anyway. They know that she can't spell!"


Judaye said...

Is it possible that the woman cannot read?

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

This was a little sad. An illiterate person working in the library??

Nexgrl said...

@Judaye After enduring her telephone calls for 4 years, anything is possible.

@GorgeousPuddin. I didn't explain the patron clearly. She works for a company that has a office in this city.
Prior to this month, she called this department everyday, all day. She calls from a cellular telephone and whispers her questions.
It's a sad situation because I believe that she was able to remain employed this long because of our help. She is the woman caller that I stopped helping in the past few months.
I would agree to whatever spelling or grammatcal errors that she had. My co-worker gave her a list of suggested dictionaries, thesaurus' and grammar books.
She either didn't purchase them or chooses not to use them. When you think about it, why does she have to make any effort to improve herself when she can get the answers from a librarian?

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Oh okay! That makes more sense. I do remember you talking about her and I'm sure I laughed before. So sad she did not take heed and improve herself. It's hard out here and having no job now?? Shame on her!

The Mrs. said...
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