Monday, January 29, 2007

Crazy trips me up each and every time

A patron asked me to find a book about kings for her.....Okay, what type of kings, where. "Oh all european kings, I want names and years." I located a general book and we were off in seach of it.

We get to the aisle where the book is shelved. In a hushed tone........."Can you find me a book on Satan" I looked at that woman like, "What the..........................." So she says, "That was a real person, that was his name." Then she eyes a book on Ancient Greece. "Can you get me a title on Ancient Rome too, I know, you can find one in the computer." Once again, I looked at her like she was out of her mind because the reference desk was on the other side of the room. Before I left in search of the two different subjects, she said, "I know, I keep asking you for different things when I should have asked when you were at the desk, but I don't know what I want."

I went back to the desk and found some more call number sections for her to look at because I was THROUGH helping her. I knew that her search would be never ending, since I was searching for whatever popped into her mind. ****Greece, Rome, and Europe are all in the same general area, but I needed to step away from that woman for a minute!


Tenacious said...

LMAO This is my first time coming through and I will be coming back

Please tell me she was playing?!

*sigh* I remember when I volunteered at a library in high school, I would run all over the library looking for all types of crazy subjects

@ Nxtgrl

Who are you telling?! I remember those days well...folks would get superugly if those benefits when down a dollar

Nexgrl said...


Yes, she was as serious as any person not in their right mind can be. She also came back the next day and asked my co-worker the same thing, while I was at the reference desk. I know, I should just be glad that she didn't ask me for the same info. again.

Thanks for stopping by.