Monday, April 16, 2007

Promotion Quest

I've been telling a few close friends and family for a while that I don't think the possibility for a promotion is near in this library system.

It's not that there aren't any openings, it's just that they all are Children's Librarian Branch Manager. I have vowed to never return to Children's services. You are over worked and under appreciated. To combine that job with the responsibilities of a branch manager is too much. Most people who take on the task only last a few years. Yes, there are those who just love being a children's librarian and have stayed in the position for years.

When the love of being a Children's librarian isn't as strong as the desire to be a branch manager, people transfer to an Adult Services Branch Manager position.

The Children's Librarian Branch Manager positions are rarely filled as transfers, the next step is to open them up as temporary reassignments. They think that means those of us who want a promotion will bite.

Well, I guess no one is really biting. So what have they done? They have opened up the hiring list for Librarian II. This is a sideways approach to get those of us who desire a promotion to get in line for those Children's Librarian Branch Manager openings.

Yeah, I applied.

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