Monday, March 26, 2007

Just another rainy Monday

I finally decided that today was the day to pay my property taxes. It had been sprinkling all day.

2:00 p.m., I decide to trek over to City Hall. Well, I get downstairs and it was pouring down raining and COLD. As I got closer to the building, I noticed that a lot of people were exiting the building. I reached the top of the stairs after snaking my way through and around people, IT'S A FIRE ALARM!!!!!!!!

I have to put off paying my taxes once again. There's an ATM in City Hall, but that was off limits also. This meant I had to walk another block and a half. By the time I reached the ATM, I was dripping wet and I still had to walk back to work.

I needed the ATM today because I have to replace a tire. I went to visit my friend at the library she manages in East Oakland on Saturday. I parked on the 49th and Foothill, she told me not to do it last month when I was there. I figured there was a space right by the door to the library. The bad part is that I figured wrong.

The right front tire has a slash. It is jagged and slanted. But get this, the tire has a slow leak. It cant' be repaired, it has to be replaced!!!!!! It's a good thing that I use public transportation as a means to get to and from work.

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