Thursday, March 08, 2007

Just when I was prepared to get some work done

I am on a committee that selects the non-fiction books that will be available for purchase by our library system.

Each month I am responsible for gathering all of the titles for two different sections. This entails me printing out all of the information for each book, reviews and all, and forwarding it to the chairperson for the committee.

We meet each month and go over each title for each and every non-fiction book that will be featured the following month.

I have put this off since the last week of February. Well, the meeting is Thursday of next week. This means that I must get cracking.

GUESS WHAT????????????????............The main printer for the entire floor is BROKEN!!!!

I am now expected to save everything I want to print to USB Flashdrive and then go to another terminal and print the information. That only lasted long enough for me to print two titles.

I printed that mess while I was on the reference desk. I kept asking my boss if the printer was fixed yet.

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