Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I hate copycats

I am having trouble with blogger today, but at least I am able to post. I'll give you the background first. I had been having problems with my knee, the P.A. gave me a cane because she said I was at risk for a fracture. Now, with that said, on to the incident. I went to work on Tuesday October 9th and everyone one was as normal as they usuallly are. I missed work Wednesday October 10th because of a medical appointment. When I returned to work on Thursday October 11th, the woman who had been making snide remarks regarding my use of a cane, arrived at work with what? A cane. The other hypochondriac on our floor also had a cane. The first thing that I asked my boss is, "Can't I have anything by myself?" His response, "NO."


Anonymous said...

LOL, that was funny. But I hope you're off the cane now!

Nexgrl said...


Unfortunately, I went from cane to crutches and now I am back to a cane again. After two weeks of bed rest, the stitches were removed and my leg is really stiff. The more I walk, the easier it gets to move my leg. I am hoping that I can ditch the cane after another week.
Thank you for the good wishes though.