Monday, March 01, 2010

I don't know if I've mentioned "Radio Man"

There's a man who likes to frequent the floor that I work on....Often I think, he likes to annoy the staff. I realize that's his way of gaining attention, being loud and abusive. Yesterday, I had to speak with him about his behavior, because he was disturbing the people around him. As I was walking away, he said something smart, I whipped my head around and gave him a look that said, "TRY ME!"

Today, he came strolling onto the floor around 2:30p.m. When I saw him, I told my co-worker that I really wasn't in the mood today. Radio Man decided that he would hang around the reference desk talking loudly. He was trying to work my nerves, because as he walked past the reference desk, he looked me dead in my face. I turned my head, and every time that I looked up, he was looking at me to see what my reaction was. I fixed him, because I told my co-worker, "I need to call security and tell them that they need to come and get their friend." He walked away from the reference desk when I said that.

His favorite ways to annoy us, are to play his DVDs loudly, listen to music on his radio(that he carries daily,) or play his bongos. His preference is to sit at a table where there are quite a few people on their laptops, or reading.

I have personally had security escort him out of the building on numerous occasions. Other times, I have told him, "You have two choices, leave now on your own, or I'll call for you to have a security escort." I usually end up calling security because he will start saying some slick mess to me.

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