Tuesday, March 09, 2010

On to the good news

Thursday evening, just before I left work, as I was helping a patron, I noticed Radio Man blowing his nose ONTO THE CARPETED FLOOR. When he saw me, he popped up like nothing had happened.

Since it was time for me to leave for the day, my co-worker agreed to file the paperwork and deal with security.

Sunday, I found out that RADIO MAN IS BANNED FOR 90 DAYS!!!!!


Rashan Jamal said...

I just read back and saw the pink slips post. Sorry to hear that. And hope the union gets you some answers.

BLOWING HIS NOSE ON THE CARPET!?!?! I'm now at a loss for words.

Nexgrl said...

Radio Man asked security what the problem was. He then said, "At least I wasn't spitting on the floor!" That told me that he spits on the carpet also. Dude is gross.
The union still has nothing.

Judaye said...

That guy sounds like he is on drugs or mentally ill. Well, if he is mentally ill and on drugs, they are not the right kind of drugs, eh?

Knockout Zed said...

He deserves a major azz whuppin'. Banishment is too good for him.